Saturday, 1 August 2009

2009.08.01 My Day

Happy Lammas or Lugnasadh. Its August where is the year going to.

Walking to work in the morning I pass blackberry bushes and they are already full of fruit and ripe for picking. It has also felt a little autumnish or back endish the past couple of days or so - whether that's due to the rain or not, but I think that we may be having an early autumn this year if the fruits are anything to go by, so keep your eyes peeled. There are also plenty of Rowan berries about. Haven't been to check on elderberries and sloes yet but will do so in the next few weeks or so.

I had a bit of a sort out last weekend and during the latter part of this week and managed to accumulate three large bags of bits and bobs which I no longer had a use for so I took that to the Charity Shop first thing.I also sent a couple of books I no longer had a use for.

I have Been busy scrubbing the kitchen out today and only half way through it. Am washing the walls down as well as in the throes of prepping them for a fresh coat of paint to freshen things up a bit. Have been using vinegar and washing soda in boiling water and it is working wonderfully removing any small patches of grease and really freshening everything up. I have been pleasantly surprised how well it works. Will have to continue tomorrow as am now going to get ready to go to a party later on. I and some friends are getting together with another friend who has been ill and I have been invited to stay overnight. We are all taking differnt things with us to eat and then we have a mix up and dive in - it makes for quite interesting entertaining but means that our hostess doesn't have to spend hours and hours in the kitchen on our behalf and she can enjoy the shennanigens too.
It will be lovely to meet up as we haven't seen each other for quite a while and no doubt there will be lots of chatter, laughter food and wine.

I will have to carry on in the morning with the kitchen when I get back. Got the bathroom done completely out last week - now its the kitchen's turn.

It has been a funny old day bright one minute then spitting with rain on and off all day long.

Mum is doing well which is the main thing - although she has indicated that she is missing me warts and all. Thank you for your kind wishes for Mum - she is doing a lot better than I thought she would. 75 years old not bad at all. I want her for a few more years to come yet.

Well hopefully will post more fully tomorrow - I am still on the loaned computer my other one isn't ready yet, so that is causing one or two problems, but there we go.

I am taking my camera with me as my friend has a visiting fox who hides up in her garden so am hoping that he will put in an appearance at some point. Thankfully no chickens where she lives on the river, but the odd duck or two. Its beyond me that such a beautiful creature can be so cruel and kill just for the sake of killing. They do themselves no favours.

Well catch up with you soon.


  1. Hope you have agreat time tonight, time to let your hair down!!!

  2. It sounds as though you've been really busy and have earned your night out - have fun:)

  3. Sorry, I'm a little late in commenting :) Hope you had some well deserved fun. It sounds like it has all the makings of a perfect party. I hope you get pictures of a fox or two, (I've always loved foxes) and of the party and share your fun with us all. Blessings Pattypan :)

  4. Hi everyone

    Anne and Rowan Thank you for your good wishes. Party was really good fun and we talked and we talked and we talked. Hopefully will be able to download some photo's tomorrow evening. Elizabeth, the fox did put in an appearance,we did not see him this time, but he heard us and i think we panicked him as he exited rather rapidly from the undergrowth and we think headed for the river which is at the bottom of my friend's garden.

    When I was out in the garden the following morning nursing my morning mug of tea a little grey and white cat came to see me instead. What is it with me and cats.

  5. Oh talking about foxes, My partner's Great Grandma had a Silver Fox as a pet - she used to walk it on a lead.


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