Saturday, 15 August 2009

2009.08.15 My Day

Well it has been quite a pleasant day today. Started off with going to the butchers at Helpston Willowbrook farm where purchased a rib of beef for tomorrow's dinner, some boar sausages, smoked bacon, 3 venison steaks, two packs gloucester old spot pigs liver, some Onion Relish, a wedge of Lincolnshire poacher cheese. And then we went for breakfast in their new coffee shop cum restauarant (called the Granary) and came to peacefully and civilly. Had a bacon bap and cups of tea and OH had the full English breakfast.

We then came back home where I was dropped off at the veg shop where I bought cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, leeks, sweetcorn, 6 cobs cherry tomatoes, celery, plums purple and red, apricots, oranges apples, melon, lemons which are now in the second fridge for processing. I was also given some over-ripe nectarines.

Not bad for about £15 all in.

However, OH was intending to go fishing - but he hasn't as he has an upset tum. maybe next week he will go again its been a while since he has been.

I have been tidying the kitchen again - still not quite there but will be hopefully soon - have been finding proper homes for everything which is easier said than done

Here are my new shelves, they are still not quite sorted but will show further photos when it is finished.

Have a lot of things to do over the next week or so including making or preparing the following:

Make Dried Apricot wine

Dry for Bouquet Garni faggots

Leek casing
celery sticks
carrot strips
carrot leaves

I have all these loaded into the dehydrator

And some apples as well

Then combine these ingredients with fresh herbs including bay leaves tied into little bundles

Make Mint Cordial

Make Plum Crumbles for the freezer

Make Orange and Tarragon jelly

Make Lemon Curd

Make Blackberry Brandy

Start a new batch of ginger beer

Have been playing with some crotcheting. What started out as an experimental make up bag has been converted into a flannel as I hadn't got quite enough stitches on the needle. All experiemental of course but I thought it would be finer work than knitting into a flannel.

Here's what I have done so far

Oh well better get on.

Catch you all later

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