Sunday, 16 August 2009

2009.08.16 My Day

Well I managed to get the kitchen finished today all nicely scrubbed and everything in its place.

Have had a busy day. Made some sultana scones which is the same recipe that I posted for sweet scones but with a handful of golden sultanas thrown in as well or any mixed fruit or alternative fruit of your choice you could use a preparatory mixed fruit, or raisins or ordinary sultanas, cranberries, dried apricot. Very easy to do and quick. I was always taught by my mum that if you had the cooker on you packed it to the gunnels and used it to do a bit of baking as well and get the most out of having the cooker on in full swing. That's why Mum always traditionally bakes on a Sunday morning when she is cooking the Sunday joint.

We had roast rib of beef for dinner this evening cooked with garlic roasted in its skins and then mashed into the juices from the meat, veggie water added, seasoning, redcurrant jelly, marigold gravy mix and some cornflower. I like meat cooked with garlic.

Wasn't a big joint and was cooked slowly but it had a lot of flavour

And of course if there is Roast Beef for lunch then there has to be Yorkshire Pudding - boy did it rise today.

Dinner was very tasty and I managed to get two tubs of roast beef with onion gravy for the freezer - so if I am not around for whatever reason the OH should be able to get something tasty to eat.

Then I made a nectarine crumble

Then I stewed some plums to put into the freezer. I did not flavour them, flavourings such as cinnamon can be added once the fruit is added/made into its final recipe.

So all in all have had a very productive time in the kitchen today - cleaning and cooking wise.

Hope to be able to play a little tomorrow evening when I get home from work as well.


  1. Wow, now when can I come over for dinner!? It looks delicious!

  2. It was - when are you next over in England!

    Take care xx

  3. Really, mouth-watering photos!

    I was just curious, being a rib of beef, why is it tied?

    Another question, lol, what are the clear containers? I've started saving my margarine tubs thanks to you. We don't use much, more often butter, so will take me a bit to get a decent amount and when I think of all the ones that went in the bin!! :-(

  4. The containers that the plums are stored in I buy in when I have no other tubs to recycle. These come from Wilkinsons but I have even seen these in the £pound shop. They cost about £1 or less for a stack of about 6 or 8 and come in different depths. The lids come with them - ideal for the microwave and for storing stuff in the freezer. This is the sort of thing that can be put to good general use - but I do still use the margarine containers as well. In fact Wilkinsons is extremely good for lots of basic things for the home - they offers on most things. So if you have one near you go and have a look. They are especially good for the skirt coathangers which are expanding bars but in wood and metal - they charge £2 for 3 off. As I have said it is worth checking out the pound shops too.


  5. The rib of beef was tied by the butcher - I think he does this to give it more support in the actual cooking and it helps when it comes to the carving as well and it is not moving all over the shop.

  6. Thanks, we do have a Wilkinsons in Yarmouth plus a Poundland, plus a 99p store plus a couple of "others". I definitely have a check because as I said it will take some time to get a decent amount of the margaine tubs, and I'm all excited about this freezing single portions now, lol. Amazing how the simplest things . . . . :-)

  7. Yep simple things are often the best - sometimes we don't see them even when they are right under our noses. Wilkinsons is also very good for winemaking and beermaking equipment. Freezing in single portions also means that if he likes something and you don't or visa versa if there is something there that you will eat and same for him - means you can still eat together but different things without all the messing around, which means you get tea quickly and also time to do other things.

    Take care Kadeeae



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