Thursday, 13 August 2009

Plastic Pots and Plastic bottles

I hate wasting things - especially if I can get a second use out of something that has already been used.

Plastic pots - margarine tubs or butter tubs as long as they are sturdy enough I wash dry and then re-cycle as storage for apple sauce and fruit purees in the freezer. Also good for putting sauces in; home made ice cream and for putting excess food in for one portion meals rather than wasting anything. The sauces can be used in a variety of ways too, not just as sauces, but as spreads and also to incorporate within a cake. I also use the fruit puree on muesli breakfast cereal with some natural yoghurt and toasted sesame seeds. Very scrummy. You can also use the puree to make muffins or apple sauce cake. So there is a lot you can do with a variety of things. Margarine or butter tubs I use for putting in left over food that will make a meal for one and freezing or doing small amounts of ice cream for use in the week

I re-use pop bottles as well. I cut the top part of the bottle off about two inches down from the top, take the top part off take off the lid invert top part of a bottle and you have an emergency funnel.

I also chop off the bottom part of the bottle use that for growing seeds in and use the top part complete with lid as a mini cloche for upcoming plants - helps protect them by keeping warm and also keeping the nasties away until the plants are big enough to fend for themselves.

I also chop the bottle into pieces about 2 inch deep and form as many rings as I can from the bottle. These rings are then used when I plant out seedlings to protect them from slugs etc. I also use the funnel part complete with lid as a slug trap with some beer in - helps get rid of the pesky predators.

We have a water machine at work and every so often I liberate a selection of these used water cups and bring them back home for transplanting seedlings into - I try and make the best use of whatever I have around me. The less money you spend on unnecessary things or things that can be made use of the more pennies you have to spend on much more important things. After all being thrifty is making your money go as far as you can make it go.

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  1. Those are really great ideas for the margarine tubs! Freezing in single portions is the way to go with only the two of us here . . . to think of all of the ones I've binned! Agghh!! But no more!

    May take me awhile to get a stack, but I'll get there.

    Thanks for the post :-)


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