Friday, 23 October 2009


Just a quickie to keep everyone appraised of current situation with regard to my computer. Am having major problems at the moment as the stand alone is refusing to function with the dongle and the lap top which I normally use is currently in the repair shop being re-built - a plug internally is refusing to work properly; I had told OH that there were problems, but he passed it off as being a mere woman problem and that I was making things up! Needless to say my normal calm polite self got a little heated at this point! We only really established after buying a new power lead at £80 that there really was a problem - and I am doubly frustrated as lots has been happening that I have been doing and I wanted to post things. Well will have to do things latterly as the saying goes. But I am missing my regular ports of call and the process of blogging - bit sad but needless to say I am missing you all.

OH away this weekend so hopefully when he returns will be able to have another discussion about when my computer might well be returned (its one of his mates who is dealing with it)! Oh well beggers can't be choosers.

Take care friends will be back on as soon as I possibly can



  1. I do hope you get sorted out soon as I miss reading your lovely domestic posts. Take care.

  2. Oh, Pattypan! I'm glad to see you're still here, in some form anyhow! I'm glad to hear you have lots to share on your return to blogging-land. You're missed :) Hope you and yours are well, until then, take care...~ER~

  3. Sorry to read of your pooter woes :(

    Back after 2 weeks (no t'internet) on hols and was looking forward to a 'catch-up' with your blog.

    Hoping it's sorted soon. . .

  4. Thank you so much for your kind comments - I hope I am back - fingers crossed toes plaited. I have been playing and having fun and learning as I go along as well, but its nice to be back I have missed you all too



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