Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Hello Friends,

Well I think I am back. Fingers crossed, toes plaited.

I have managed to borrow a lap top whilst I am still waiting for my own to be repaired and returned. I am afraid I have been going a tad spare not being able to blog and link up with like minded folk. Mind you I have been busy with the old preserving and I still have loads to do as yet. More to follow when I am back in full swing. One of the problems with the loaned lap top is that it is very slow compared to the one that is having surgery carried out, but beggers cannot be choosers so the saying goes.

I have been ironing earlier on but am now sat down for a few minutes as my back is playing up. I have company. Tyson is in and has decided to join me. Rather begrudgingly at first, but he is here keeping me company. All I need is the log fire, and I am sure he would be curled up in front of it - he hates the cold. He has laid claim to the top of the ironing board and is sprawled full length and is teasingly looking at me as I am busy tapping away on the key board. Pampered puss he is, but they are extremely good company especially when you are feeling a tad low. They just be with you at such times.

Well another month is nearly gone Halloween is on its way or All Saints Day to give the correct name. The day in the year when supposedly we are able to connect with the spirits of our loved ones, more readily than at any other time of year but recently elevated to an evening for children to carve pumpkins,with scary faces, put candles in and go booh; play trick or treat or generally have some spooky fun. Apple bobbing, toffee apples, drinking witches brew, eating crazy concoctions dressing up etc. etc.

Hopefully will be back in full swing by the end of the week - have lots of reading to do and playing catch up as well as downloading photos etc. I also have three gallons of wine going gently plop plop plop everytime some gas is released. I haven't made wine for some time so have started off with some kits' 1 gallon of Cherry wine and two gallons of Elderflower. I have also located a recipe for using dried elderflowers for making Elderflower wine from scratch which I am going to have a go at at the weekend. I am very fond of Elderflower wine it is one of my absolute all time favourites along with Rhubarb and Nettle, which are on the agenda for next year. I also have my Ginger Beer plant to make up - that will possibly get dealt with tomorrow night.

I hope everyone is keeping well and if things are not too good I hope the sun soon comes out and brightens up the shadows.

Nice to be back - have missed you all so much.

Catch you all soon




  1. Glad to see you back, we all missed you! :) Take care...ER

  2. Nice to see you back,we've missed you:)


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