Saturday, 31 October 2009

Hot Camembert - French Style

It was a miserable damp morning here in Peterborough first thing, and then brightened up with the sun coming out this afternoon. I decided in my infinite wisdom that we were going to have a simple tea tonight,i.e. egg and home made chips, comfort food of the highest order. However, before I could achieve this I needed some more groundnut oil, which I hadn't purchased since last year (when I buy I tend to buy in bulk) so I decided that we needed the groundnut oil (the deep fat fryer I have only uses groundnut oil with the machine - when we had tried ordinary oil it had bubbled up all over and was a little dangerous to say the least. However one quick visit to Sainsbugs later and a little more shopping than planned and I came back with a selection of goodies, as well as some oil but they did not have the groundnut oil I was after, so am trying another one to see what happens with the pan. I also bought some fresh bread buns and OH was hungry so I prepared egg and bacon butties - because we had egg with these I decided that we would have one of the other items that I had purchased whilst in Sainsburys.

A little while ago my partner took me out unexpectedly for a meal and we ended up having a Camembert starter, which was lovely. We had actually asked the waitress what size the Camembert was and we were told large. When it actually came it was a mini one not a full sized one; so other half ordered another one. That starter was £8 apiece, and it was served with crusty bread, celery and relish, as I said it was delicious. So delicious that the next time I checked out Sainsburys we ended up doing our own version of the starter, which worked out a lot cheaper.

Yes I picked up some Camemberts at £2 apiece =£4. They need to be in a wooden box as you cook them in their packaging peeling the paper they are wrapped in back to allow the cheese to cook. I then bought some celery and a crusty French Stick which was about £1 for the French stick (I only used half of this) and a whole head of celery for 90pence. I then got some pickled onions, chutney and home made onion and garlic relish out of the cupboard.

I put the Camembert in the oven for about 20 to 25 minutes gas mark 4 until the cheese is nice and runny, I tested that the cheese was well warm with a knife and it was hot and bubbling and even the crust of the cheese was delicious.

So for £3 each we have had a very delicious meal that we have both enjoyed. You can also serve this with mixed salad leaves, beetroot, wet walnuts, dates - a little of this and a little of that and fruit "cheese". Very tasty

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