Thursday, 31 December 2009

My Day

Well I have completed my two days at work in between Christmas and the New Year and my cold has become worse and I have had to dose myself to try and keep a lid on things. I was supposed to have gone to my dear Mum's tomorrow for New Year's Day tea, but I cannot go becuase of this nasty cold. I do not want to put my Mum at risk of infection of any kind. It was to have been a family tea where my brother and sister in law and my two nephews were also going for tea. OH has the cold and is now worse than I was.

Today therefore I had a lay in - to try and knock this cold into touch, but I am still not clear of it completely. I always tend to get a bad cold around this time of the year so hopefully once this has gone that will be it for the year.

Otherwise it has been a very quiet day, I haven't done too much. I have been catching up on all my favourite blogs and I have been drafting posts here on the computer and trying to get some of the planning for my ideas for the New Year set up and ready to run. I have lots of ideas and enthusiasm we will just have to wait and see whether I manage to get everything done and dusted. I am very determined to do more than ever this year.

Time is a man made thing something that is very fragile and open to disruption by so many things. I am therefore going to treat each project on a "time is of the essence" policy so that I can achieve a lot quite quickly, then if anything unexpected does happen and impinges on the time basis at least I should stand a chance of recovery and catching up with my schedule.

I like to prepare lists as I find that it is very useful and very satisfying to check things off when completed or as a hit list if not.

OH has gone up to watch TV upstairs and to flop his cold is getting him down and at least he can sprawl upstairs which means yet another New Year's Eve where I will see in the New Year and say Goodbye to the old one. Never mind.

Catch up with you all a little later on.

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