Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Was back to work today for two days in between New Year and Christmas - we finish tomorrow evening until next Monday.

And it has been a cold dark miserable day here in Peterborough. Going to work this morning, on the right hand side of the Crescent Bridge there was still thick ice on the footpath, and that is despite all the rain and thawing that has taken place in between the snow. Its been very cold all day and it is now chucking it down with rain although the weather forecast indicates sleet/snow - I know it is freezing at the moment. I am gladly snug in the house - although I could do with a warming real log/coal fire to warm my soul and to dream over and to warm me through. All the cats are in - they are not keen on the rain or indeed very convinced by the snow - it slows them up and it is funny to see them walking gingerly on it - they don't take much persuading to come on in.

I have a sore throat and the sniffles. OH is adamant that I have been snoring rather prolifically for the past couple of nights! Think he must be dreaming! Well that's my story and I am sticking to it! I am therefore self-medicating (not against snoring) but to try and shift this cold. I have a glass of creme de cassis topped up with hot water (like a hot toddy - but I have been quite generous with the creme de cassis - it usually helps mne shift a cold and is very soothing and warming. I am trying to stop it in its tracks as my mum has invited us for tea on New Year's day and if I have the cold I will not be able to go. Mum has a reduced auto immune system as do I so we tend to steer clear if we have colds etc as they always affect her quite badly.

I have had warmed camembeart for my tea together with my home made onion and garlic relish. We are on the last jar so I will have to make another batch shortly. I have served this up with large artisan style buns. It has gone down very nicely. Easy comfort food and quite honestly after all the rich food from the past few days I don't really want that much to eat

I have spoken to my mum on the phone this evening, she is well and has procured for me another couple of pheasant (which haven't been hung - can't abide them hung - they stink the house out whilst you are cooking them). I am quite looking forward to having pheasant this weekend as haven't had it for a while.

We are quite well stocked up with food at the moment apart from the odd item or so, so for the next few weeks are going start using what is in the freezer and the pantry - running both down so that can re-stock again come spring.

I might make some French Onion soup tomorrow evening to have for tea, topped with toast and melted Gruyere Cheese so that it goes all runny and scrummy. I find soup at this time of year warms you from the inside out and is definitely comfort food. I could also fancy a home made bread and butter pudding to follow. Now that should warm me up without being too heavy on my system.

Its still raining quite heavily the drip drip splat is very depressing at this time of the year and it must be raining hard as can hear it through the double glazing.

Well must get on things to do.

Take care everyone



  1. I agree with you about soup in winter, I make it often for lunches - it's easy, quick and tasty. We are suppposed to be having heavy snow at the moment but like you have just got rain so far. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hoping you're feeling up to par again soon. I was curious if you know of any good 'home rememdy' type book that I might be able to find? You've discussed remedies before and I didn't know if these were ones you've grown up with or if you had found a good source in print form.

    I did have one a while back, but it was wanting you to have some very odd things on hand to work with, and I am hoping for something that is a bit more like Granny's home remedies type of thing where I would many of the ingredients used to hand already.

    Sorry to put you on the spot if you don't know of one, but I thought who better to ask?! =) BH and I are just becoming very weary of modern medicines, many of which do more harm than good as far as I'm concerned, not to mention the cost.

    I'll check back here, or if you'd rather - feel free to email me at kadeeae AT gmail DOT com.

    Wishing you and yours the best for 2010.


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