Monday, 4 January 2010

2010.01.04 My Day

Well it was a tad difficult first thing. OH hasn't used our only mode of transport for about four days and had it parked off road at a friend's house because the tax needed renewing, [we don't have any parking] which he has subsequently dealt with. Went to start the van which was caked up with thick ice, found that he had a flat tyre, and then the van wouldn't fire up, so he rang me and said that I would have to walk to work otherwise wasn't going to get there. Got myself kitted up in my walking gear just got out of the house and fort knox all locked up and he had managed to intercept me to let me know that he had managed to get the van going and the tyre pumped up so I did get a lift into work after all.

Whilst taking me to work, OH realised that he had left his phone in the house and would have to go back for it. Then he dropped me at work - I realised I couldn't get in and had to go through Reception to borrow an electronic fob which allows me to go about my business at work. Fortunately, since then things have calmed down a bit. Its not good too much stress first thing in a morning especially on a first day back.

Its been a long and busy day and I am now a bit headachey - haven't managed to get the Christmas decorations put away will have to do them tomorrow night. I am out on Wednesday night so it will have to be tomorrow.

There was the most marvellous sunset this evening a Red Sky at Night, Shepherds delight sunset ; it painted all the buildings near us a soft pinky colour against the dark looming bluey black velvet of the night. I only glimpsed a little of it through the windows to the office where I work and I wished I had my camera with me to capture nature's stunning work. It was glorious.

Needless to say, it is bitterly cold here tonight and I have the central heating on and it is nice and cosy, we would be up a creek without a paddle if we didn't have the central heating as there is no other form of heating. But oh for a log fire. We are lucky that we do not have snow at the moment. Fortunately Peterborough is pretty low lying being in the Fens. If we get snow it is usually pretty difficult in the surrounding villages, lost of windy lanes that do not get salted, but at least at the moment we haven't got it as bad as other parts of the country. I am very grateful for small mercies although it looks as though snow is forecast for tomorrow. I do feel for anyone who is blocked in and unable to get out and about.

I managed to get yet another blanket square knitted yesterday; have cast on another square and am a few rows on with it will do a little more before I go to bed. This blanket/rug is very much a long term project but I am using up what wool I have to hand first. I may have to add to this shortly, but I can always fluctuate between the ongoing projects I have to hand and get as much done as I can on each project before having to replenish supplies where necessary.

Well must get on.

Catch up soon.



  1. I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I have been reading it for several months now. Your post on preparing for Christmas in 2010 was very inspiring. I hope you blog on your preparations throughout the year.

    After Christmas 2008 I pick up some holiday. I made large blankets for my great nephew and niece (toddler age). They are fun and practical. Ended up buying more this year after Christmas for 70% off. Making holiday blankets for the new baby (she'll be one by next Christmas) and for my twenty something niece and nephew - and a couple for myself. Also working on knitted projects at this time for gifts. All very practical and with warmth in mind.

    Stay warm and safe.
    Washington State

  2. I accidently deleted the work "fleece" in my previous comment.


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