Monday, 22 February 2010

Left Over Chicken (1)

I had some chicken left over from last night's Sunday dinner. OH didn't know what he wanted to eat - he is starting with a cold and really didn't (so he said fancy very much at all). Well I was determined that I wasn't going to waste the chicken. I had to nip to the shop for some milk anyway and spotted some salad leaves on offer and also some wraps - no more than £1.79 for both, and enough wraps to make pack up during the week (they come in a resealable bag) and enough salad to have with sandwiches or as a side serving with something else during the week

I warmed the wraps in the bottom of a frying pan warming both sides, just flash warming them really I then popped on a plate, put some salad leaves and chopped onion in and then liberally sprinkled the chopped picked chicken on top and dressed with some sweet chilli sauce. (Sweet Chilli sauce was in the cupboard. Delicious and what's more OH enjoyed too, despite initial mumblings he quite relished his supper.

Ideal for a quick supper, or pack up and best of all its using something up that may get wasted due to the fact there may not be enough meat to do a lot with. I got four large wraps out of two legs and two wings and the remnants of the breast (not a lot) plus there is a little bit of meat to give as a treat to the 5 cats and one pup.

Even the carcass is being used to make stock for putting in the freezer and for making soup.



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