Thursday, 18 March 2010

2010.03.18 My Day

Its been a long old day today - started off cold and then went warm then colder again. I don't function too well in the cold it stiffens up my joints and makes them very painful. Have had a chinese for tea this evening, that's why I didn't post up a Menu for today. It had fresh pineapple in and that's helped a little bit.The rest of the evening have had phone calls from friends which has been quite nice and have play catch up

Am very tired at the moment and just want to sleep. Hopefully will get some time to play at the weekend.

Missy seems to have recovered with the foot problem that she has had and is chasing around all lary again. She is so fussy and very funny. She comes chasing up the stairs in the morning has to be with me as I get dressed, trying to trip me up in the process, but she is lovely. This morning we woke up and there was Tyson my ginger tom on his back all his feet in the air flat out and Missy was the same on the bed feet in the air. What a pair.

Will catch up tomorrow evening.

Take care


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