Friday, 12 March 2010

Early Mother's Day Surprise for a Step Mum

I was quite touched and pleased to receive a surprise card through the post today from my Step-Son Paul and his new Partner June. I have had a difficult few days and this simple gesture with a beautiful card totally made my day and cheered me up a little. I must have done something right somewhere down the line.

It is not an easy thing to take on someone else's children especially when you haven't got any children of your own. But gut instinct set in and an urge to protect and nurture both children clicked in and I treated them as my own. Both children also received extra tuition at home which helped them both considerably and both wanted to learn.

What are we dealing with here you say - I am no paragon of virtue. I am human and I certainly am not perfect. I certainly did not find it easy at times. All I could do was do things with love and with pure intent. A lot of the time you can do no right and another time you can do no wrong with children.

I like most people when I moved in with my partner didn't expect his children to be on the doorstep asking to move in especially when both lived with their mother. I certainly wanted to know why and it stemmed down to the fact that both children were not happy with their mother's boyfriend. I think it is far more difficult for a man to take on another man's children. I am by no means casting everyone in the same mould as every case is different, but generally speaking women tend to be more accepting more nurturing. Mind you there are always exceptions.

So to receive this card today was very special.

Thank you Paul and June.

It was much appreciated

xxx Tricia

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  1. What a lovely gesture from Paul and June, you were obviously a very good step mum.


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