Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Its been a cold old day here in Peterborough. I went into town to meet up with two of my good friends at lunch. I was wrapped snug and warm in a thick heavy duty fishing jacket and thick gloves and by the time I got back into the office my hands had gone blue and I had lost the circulation in them. Trouble is makes my hands hurt big time and then I had to type this afternoon.

We are fortunate, snow has hit many parts of the country and the temperatures we are experiencing are peanuts compared to some places. I am very thankful for small mercies and have every sympathy for those who are indeed experiencing bad weather and the power cuts that usually follow. For those of you in that situation take care keep warm and be safe.

I am now esconced in the house in the warmth; I have a little Jack Russell curled up fast asleep next to me on the settee. Legs extended out in front of her dead to the world. One of her ears insists on flapping back, (not a pretty sight and the other half does not like to see her like this) her toes are twitching and she is dreaming, I can feel the spasms passing through her small body. Probably chasing that rabbit that always seems to get away from her or that blooming pigeon which she just cannot tolerate. I am hoping that we have peace and quiet tonight. Last night at about 3.15 a.m. Tyson my ginger tom decided he was coming in the bedroom to sleep and he woke Missy up and she started barking and went flying after him and just would not shut up. Little horror - he only wanted to snuggle up as well. Needless to say he retreated to where he came from i.e. the back bedroom.

All the cats are in, spoilt lot they don't like the cold either and are all draped in their usual poses in favourite positions in the back room. Ah such is life!

Take care



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  1. Now, thats my idea of contented happiness...minus the high speed chase in the middle of the night :)
    We are expecting a 'light' shower tonight. I drove off at 2:30 p.m. to pick up Daniel at school and it's starts SNOWING! After 5 min. of snow, we have a heavy-duty hail storm that lasts about 20 min. You'd think my Jeep Wrangler could handle it...on our way home, on a steep curve, we spun out, out of control...complete 360's!!! Terrifying! That's my latest deal with 'snow'. I'm glad to be home (didn't think we'd make it!), safe and warm, cats cuddled on the bed and me watching the snow,'safely' out my window, haha! Stay warm and take care :)


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