Monday, 29 March 2010

Thought for the Day

You don't follow

Your Inner Guidance
You feel a loss
Of Energy,
Loss of Power,
A sense of Spiratual deadness
Therefore Trust and learn to listen to your Inner Voice


  1. I do for the most part but lately, I haven't been listening and I'm feeling my spiritual deadness. Gotta get back to whats real...thanks Tricia :) Love to you!

  2. Its the easiest thing in the world to say you will take notice of what the inner voice tells you and then you blatantly go on to ignore it. We then end up getting all cross with ourselves because we knew not to ignore it in the first place.

    Saying that, It is the most difficult thing in the world to stop, take notice and put into action what that small annoying voice keeps telling you over and over again. Its like an old fashioned LP that gets stuck in the groove, and it keeps harassing you until you do indeed take notice.

    I am a prime sinner too! but I am learning to listen!

    Love to you and yours too




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