Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Update on Missy

Missy has settled into the household extremely well. In fact you could say she has well and truly moved in on the pair of us and has taken over. We don't leave her on her own and she goes to my step-daughters during the day; she has a dog of her own and is currently fostering a cruelty case for the RSPCA. So Missy has company during the day. She normally comes back extremely cream crackered - it takes her all her time to acknowledge you of an evening as she is intent on catching up with some shuteye. Apaprently she doesn't stop all day long. My step-daughter noticed during the day yesterday that there was a little blood on her paw. She mentioned this to OH and she seemed to be okay last night although a little off colour. Come this morning and she has not been able to put her paw down and was hardly putting any weight on it when she did. I therefore suggested to the OH that he tae her to the vets to get her checked out. She wouldn't let us look a her paw. V et has inspected her, but Missy would not let her look at one of her claws because it was so tender so some pain killers and antibiotics later and £42 lighter in the pocket Missy has been sent home to rest. Pardon did I say rest - she doesn't understand the word. She seems a lot perkier tonight. Step daughter got to the bottom of the problem though it would appear she has a split pad near the nail.

What a state to get into! You can tell she's more than looked after.
Aw bless her.

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  1. Poor Missy, that must be so painful for her, glad that the she's feeling a bit better.


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