Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter

Hello Everyone - Happy Easter. Sorry am late on parade, have been enjoying my time at home. Have had a pleasant day here in Peterborough today. Hope you have had all the usual Easter treats, like chocolate, chocolate and more chocoloate.

We took Missy for a walk down by the River, and on the boardwalks. This time I remembered to take my camera with me. We had a lovely walk, the sun was out and it was warmish in the sun, but cold in the wind. Being in such beautiful surroundings is like balm to a tired soul and only serves to emphasise just how much I miss being able to walk into the countryside. The only reason I am able to gain access to this part of the town is that OH drives us parks up and then we walk. I am not allowed to drive at the moment. But I yearn to be back living in a small village and being part of a community. One day it will happen, but until then I have to feed my soul on forays like this.

Here are just some photographs from my walk today to share some of the wild secret places that not everyone knows about. Not only that its lovely to see photographs from areas around the country, especially ones we don't always know.

It is surprising that you can find such green places, particularly in a town, which for the best part is built up, but there are green places there to be sought out and found. What surprised me is the variety of wildlife both animal and vegetable that is about and how the simpliest life forms cling to life with such tenacity, cropping up in small numbers, liking the situation and then gradually increasing their foothold season by season.

I managed to take over 130 photographs will share some more another day.

But just had to share these violets with you

Enjoy the rest of the holiday I intend to.


  1. And a happy belated Easter to you too, Tricia. Loved your pics and know all too well of wanting and waiting to be somewhere you feel at home ;) Have a wonderful day.

  2. Hi Tricia...I replied to your comment on my blog in case you missed it. Do you have a way I can send you a private e-mail with a picture of the mysterious purchase? haha! Hubby doesn't want me to post it :( Let me know, take care!


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