Saturday, 3 April 2010


I have been watching a repeat of a favourite television series of mine H E Bates, the Darling Buds of May. Whilst watching I was taken back to some of my earliest memories by a swing that Pa Larkin and the General were sat on. It was the exact duplicate of one that my Aunty Rene had. I have very fond memories of that swing.

I first started to go and stay with Aunty Rene, Uncle Jim and Uncle Pat when my brother was born. I was three years old and my brother was born in September. It was a warm September and I remember sitting on this particular swing in Aunty's garden in the hot sunshine and falling asleep on the swing. It wasn't a child's swing but a full length sette style swing that adults and children could sit on alike.

It was a quiet peaceful September with butterflies buzzing amongst the deep flower borders but we were safe in the shade of the swing It was a green and orange and black stripe fabric covered swing that took apart so that it could be stored for the winter months. Swinging on that swing was very soothing as my little legs could not touch the floor so Aunty's legs did all the propelling. But it was peaceful and balmy, as though the world stood still and was locked into a time warp for that special time. A time I still look back on and see as clearly now in my minds eye as I did then some 47 years on.

That first visit was the start of many visits and every year I used to go during the summer holidays and stay with Aunty Rene, Uncle Jim and Uncle Pat until I was about 17 years of age. Times then changed, I was no longer the child but a young adult in my own right and new options were opening for me. But that is another story.

When I am in the mood for pure nostalgia I put on my Darling Buds of May videos and completely indulge myself. It was another time another place, but one that is fixed very firmly in my heart. It is as much as part of me now as it was then.

I sometimes think that in the name of progress we have lost so much that really was special a quieter time, a time more about family and friends and supporting and loving each other, where often generations of one family lived under ths same roof and they really had a connection with each other. Nowadays families are scattered by the four winds and it is only really on a special occasion or a visit inbetween that families come together again. But that time is still special.

Forgive me my visit into my memories I am feeling rather nostalgic today and all sparked by a garden swing. Its the memories that are important that should not be lost, and we each make our own memories.

Take care will catch up later on

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