Friday, 23 April 2010

Plants Wish List

    The list is starting to become lengthy just a few of the things I have my eye on; whether I will have all of them them is another matter space permitting, but one can dream.

  1. Comfrey Plants

  2. Scented Pelargoniums

  3. Sweet Cicely

  4. Climbing Roses

  5. Clematis

  6. Lonicera - Honeysuckle

  7. Peaonies

  8. Lavender

  9. French Lavender

  10. Poppies

  11. Roses scented

  12. Rosemary Plants

  13. Juniper bush
  14. Violets
  15. Santolina
  16. Grape Vine
  17. Plum
  18. Pear
  19. Crab apples
  20. Quince
  21. Blueberries
  22. Wormwood
  23. Redcurrants
  24. White Currants
  25. Gooseberries
  26. Eglantine Rose
  27. Apothecary Rose
  28. Hop Plants
  29. Peach trees
  30. Raspberries

Will have to see how it goes!


  1. Quite a list that..... why don't you allocate a sum of money each week or month and buy one or two plants????? look at Parkers web site, its where I get a lot of my plants from and they sell collections of shrubs at a reasonable price, they will often throw a plant in free. They supply a lot of the agricultural colleges etc.

    Rosemary roots from sift tip cuttings, find someone who has a bush and nip a bit around 3" long off the top, I use rooting compound a smallish pot, strip the bottom of the cutting and dip in the compound, dibble the cutting in, mist it and put in a lerge poly bag, blow into the bag and seal the neck with a clip, leave it either on a window cill or in a warmish, but not direct sun, plcae and after a few weeks you will see it stating to grow. I check to see if they have rooted by pullking very gently on the cutting, if it resists it rooted, you can gradually roll down the bag until it reaches the top of the pot and then take it off, the cuttings can then be potted on into bigger pots, by next year they should be big enough to plant out. The only plants that do not like rooting powder are geraniums, just dibble the cuttings into a pot and then treat the same way. Fuschia cuttinf will root in water the same as mint as will busy lizzies, an easy way to enlarge your plants.

  2. Thanks for that SS its a very good idea. I sort of am re-learning bits with gardening; I have always been relatively good at raising plants from seed etc. As a child I learned a lot at my grandmother's knee and I have sort of forgotten bits along the way. Like with the mint. I have done what you said and within a week we have lots of roots coming out of the bottom of the two cuttings I took. I think I am going to re-name you my gardening guru! Thank you for the tip on Rosemary. I know where I can get some soft cuttings and I will have a go at taking cuttings in this manner. I use a lot of Rosemary in the kitchen throughout the year both dried and fresh and it would be nice to be self sufficient without having to buy any in. I am assuming that lavender can be propogated in the same manner? We also have in Peterborough a market and they have a very large plant store there at qute reasonable prices, but I will look at Parkers. Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction. Take care




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