Sunday, 30 May 2010

Things yet to come

I have been pottering away sowing seeds, some haven't come to anything others have. But at least I am having a go and trying to grow a few bits to supplement my kitchen and I quite the fact that I can go into the garden and pick a few bits and pieces and take them straight to my plate My troughs of sown seeds are starting to get a wriggle on and if the weather is good tomorrow I will sow some more seeds.

The troughs consist of Spring Onions, Radish, Sorrell, Mesdun (a mixed salad leaf) and a trough of pea shoots which is now ready for harvesting. The troughs are also ready to go out in the garden rather than just be in the cold frame. That will free up my growing houses for more seeds as those plants already through can now go into the cold frame and I have some herb plants to pot on grown from seed together with planting those potted herbs out that I bought the other day.

I have four cherry tomatoes and two tomato plants in the cold frame (the two tomato plants I was given as they had gone horribly dry, but I seem to have nursed them back to life and they are now thriving and instead of yellow are green and looking very healthy. The cherry tomatoes likewise look healthy.

I have five cucumber plants grown from seed (one of them is promised to a good friend) and there are some pattypan squash starting to poke their shoots through the soil.

The Cherry Tree is laden with hard green fruits (once they ripen the battle will be on to stop the birds stripping the tree before I get there) any ideas would be gratefully received!

The ballerina apples have some fruit on but not as much as I had hoped so I think the blossom must have got hit from a frost as I didn't get that many last year.

Tomorrow if the weather is good I will sow some Nasturtiums (the flowers can be eaten and the seed pods can be preserved), some yellow and green courgettes, beetroot, lettuce, carrots some more herbs and whatever else I can find. I am going to have a good rootle around to see what I can come up with. I like growing things from scratch and I like my food. I am sort of investing some time now doing the spade work to put something onto my plate a little later on. Still only baby steps but I intend to get there eventually.

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