Friday, 7 May 2010

This Evening

Its cold here again in Peterborough and has been chucking it down with rain quite heavily. The cats went out for a fleeting second and then came flying back in again. They do not do cold. They are all snuggled up in their favourite places warm fed and content.

I don'tdo cold either.. No wonder that I have had difficulty moving around the past couple of days. My hands do not want to type and going up and down stairs has been heavy going. So I am hoping that the weather is going to cheer up and warm up in the next few days or so. The rain is needed to nurture the soil and feed the crops and give us water to drink.

I peeked in to look at my seedlings earlier on, the herbs are through, so are some of the Globe Artichoke seeds I set and the beans. The cucumbers are also through. The herbs in troughs are coming on a bundle and will soon be ready to start harvesting from. I am hoping that we have some warmer weather tomorrow in order to open up the grow houses to let in some fresh air. I also want to sow some more seeds.

Well will have to see what tomorrow brings - I hope its some sun to warm my bones.

Take care



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  1. The cold 'gets' to me much more than it did even a few years ago, and cold + damp is the absolute worst. My feet and hands (and nose!) don't really seem to get warm until mid July. Still, a good excuse to snuggle up indoors with a cuppa and a good book or hobby =)

    PP- would you consider adding a name & URL option to your comments? I'm wanting to get rid of the OpenID account and seeing as though I don't use Blogger would rather not use my mail account (google) to comment with. Just a request, lol

    Take care, stay warm & dry!


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