Sunday, 27 June 2010

2010.06.27 My Weekend

Well its been a hot old weekend here in Peterborough and today is a lot hotter than the rest of the week  As the song says its too darned hot!  The poor old cats really haven't known what to do with themselves all of them finding some shade to hang out in or asking to come in periodically.

I have processed all my elderflower cordial now and have 18 bottles ready for the pantry.  Now I just have to find a place to squeeze them in.  I am looking forward to having a go at lots of other flavours now as well.  I also have four jars of strawberry syrup processed for the pantry.

I am quite pleased that what I have done by way of syrups and cordials seem to have gone well this weekend as I have never really done them before and using the baby bottle steriliser has made for quicker processing.  I still have the tomato passata and the plum jam to do but that can be started tomorrow night when I come home from work

The sage has been rubbed and decanted into the storage jar - I have about one-third of a large jar full of sage a herb I use a lot of in the winter months for stuffings etc. It has been good to grow it in my little herb plot then dry it and process it knowing that no nasties have been anywhere near.

Friday night I weeded the herb bed and sorted out the plants a bit giving a bit more space  to some and adding some more herbs in; have added a load more chives, oregano, parsley, tarragon and rosemary as well as some lemon balm and feverfew.

I still have the mustard to finish off. I have used Bumble Bee honey beer to soak the seeds in, although I believe that the original recipe used Guiness, but I think at the end of the day you can use whatever takes your fancy.  I just have to locate the small jars I have to pop this into.

We have had honey roast thai style chicken for tea with salad, new potatoes, garlic bread, tomatoes, coleslaw, cucumber.  It was very tasty I shall do that again, especially if accompanying it with salad.  All I did was liberally coat the chicken in butter then put a Thai style spice mix (Schwarz one) and sprinkled this on and then dribbled clear runny hunny all over then just bunged it in the oven at Gas Mark 5 for about an hour and a half.  It was absolutely delicious and very moist.

Unfortunately I still cannot locate the camera lead.  I have one or two more photos to put to different articles.  Its somewhere safe as usual.

Also have the watering up to do.  On Friday I managed to get 4 tumbling tomatoes reduced to 75p per plant from Wilkinsons and they are very thirsty as are the cucumber plants.  The gardening has sort of got sidelined this year but I intend to get it sorted so that I get a better start with it next year.

This heat really is doing me in.

Take care everyone  I understand that it is due to be another hot day tomorrow.



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  1. Goodness, you ARE busy and sounds like you're organized! Much more than I am, anyhow. Your dinner sounds delicious and has me thinking of trying, at least as similar as I can get to your menu. It sounds like the perfect summer dinner. Well, I'm assuming if I ever made it to Peterborough, you'll let me sample some of the several cordials and jams and all the goodies you've made??? :) haha! It was nice reading your blog again, hope you're well :)


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