Saturday, 26 June 2010

Full Moon

Tis full moon tonight and I am [if the moon puts in an appearance  and we are not clouded over]and I can see her I am going to cleanse my crystals in the moonlight to recharge them.

The new moon is  according to the astrologists the beginning of a new period in our lives, and apparently a lunar eclipse is due to occur tonight with a solar eclipse in precisely two weeks time  - apparently they travel in pairs. (I don't think we will see this in the UK but if you live in Western US, Canada, Alaska, Antartica, Australia and the Middle East and Asia I belive you will see this.  I just take it that we have come full circle for this particular period

Never mind UK that we are dipping out again.

Funnily enough, my friend has twin daughters and the past few days they have been kicking off and causing problems, and she laughed whe I suggested that it may be just the run up to the full moon upsetting them.

But despite all that to me the moon is pretty magical she was lovely last night as I hope she will be tonight. There is someting peaceful and serene about our lady moon as well as magical.

I hope she brings peace and restores your imagination and soothes your soul - I shall watch for her in the darkness just sitting and being peaceful and at one with myself - peace and tranquility listening to the night sounds, just enjoying the stillness of a lovely magical night.

Be at peace wherever you are



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