Saturday, 5 June 2010

Its been raining quite heavily for most the evening after a lovely beautiful hot summers day. But it is still quite humid. Thunder and lightning is streaking across the sky and I am here on my own with the cats and I am terrified of thunder and lightning. My mum is too I hope she is okay. Am just trying to keep myself occupied to try and keep myself distracted. Illogical really but there we are. Shall go up soon and bury my head so I can't see anything. We seriously need the rain as everything is so dry so hopefully all the plants will be freshened up and have had a good drink.

Take care




  1. Hope you survived the thunder and lightning, I'm OK with thunder but frightened of lightning after coming close to being struck many years ago. We have the much needed rain here too but no accompaniments thank goodness:)

  2. Thank you Rowan I did. I am terrified as a result of when at Junior School we had Nitty Nora come to do an inspection and it was a beautiful clear day no signs of a storm. I was in a queue waiting to go in and the nurse was having a few moments break leaning out of the window to let fresh air in as well(they were metal framed windows) and she was hit by a thunderbolt out of no where and sustained severe burns to her arm - I was literally just yards from her.

    But it seems to be a family fear. My grandmother was the same and she tried not to pass it on to my mum as she tried not to pass it on to me - but its there and its completely irrational. But thank you I am okay just don't like them.

    Mum tried her best and if there was a summer storm she always used to say it was Santa Claus turning his toys over and if we weren't good we wouldn't be getting any toys at Christmas!

    Take care - how are you coping?




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