Sunday, 13 June 2010

Summer Potpourri

There are two methods of making potpourri or "Rotten Pot" the dry method and the wet method. Traditionally it is the wet method that was used to make potpourri and then because the resultant product is not particularly pretty it was stored in china pots with holes in to let the scent out.

Different people have diffrent ways of doing things, but Joanna Sheen's preferred method seems to combine the oils with the orris root or other fixative "this holds the scent" to the dried blossoms.

This Recipe comes from the Herbcrafts book by Tessa Evelegh ISBN No 1-85967-343-0

I haven't quite got all the ingredients together yet but I am nearly there and I thought this would make a nice present for friends whether it be for birthday or for Christmas. I love scented pretty things - a real girly girl at the end of the day. I thought that if I popped the details down now those of you who wanted to have a go would be able to do something about collecting your materials together.

Receipts like this and some others I have make me want a rose garden even more, little steps; in reality that is a long way of (depressing but there is a silver lining) as this will mean that by the time this becomes feasible at least will have the knowledge how to do these things properly by patience and practice. And practice makes perfect.

To Quote

"Capture the essence of summer with this wonderful sweet scented potpourri mix"


2ml/40 drops lavender oil
4ml/80 drops geranium oil
2ml/40 drops bergamot oil
one small glass screw topped bottle for mixing the essential oils into
25g/1 oz of powdered orris root
one small bowl
50g/2oz dried lemon verbena
175g/6oz of dried lavender
225g/8oz dried rosebuds
one large bowl
wooden spoon
glass or china jar


  1. Measure out the essential oils into a small glass bottle, screw on the top and shake well.

  2. Put the orris root into a small bowl and add the mixed oils drop by drop stirring constantly to blend well.

  3. Mix the dried herbs and flowers in a large bowl and sprinkle the orris root and oil mixture on to this. Mix well with the wooden spoon to combine. Tip the potpourri into a glass or china jar; cover and seal well and place in a warm dark room for 2 to 6 weeks to mature.

  4. Pack the potpourri mixture into cones of cellophane and tie them with toning pretty ribbon to make attractive gifts.

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