Thursday, 17 June 2010

Things to do over the Next Few Weeks

I am a great list maker  - I make lists of the things that I would like to do - sometimes I complete them sometimes I am a tad optimistic, but I do find lists helpful a good memory jogger and it is so satisfying ticking things off as items being accomplished and those items not achieved can always be carried forward.


Before I start anything tomorrow evening I need to do a little bit of shopping in order to make some of the bits and bobs I have scheduled to have a go at.  So first things first is the shopping list:

  1. Butter - for everyday and making curds - done
  2. Milk - for everyday, yoghurt and cheesemaking
  3. Cream - for puddings and cooking.
  4. Lemons - for curds and cleaning - done
  5. Basil
  6. Tray of Eggs - obtained
  7. Puff Pastry couple of packs done
  8. Apples - obtained
  9. Oranges
  10. Cooking Apples
  11. Glycerine Yes
  12. Strawberries - first batch for syrup done
  13. Beeswax
  14. Rennet  Yes
  15. Sunflower Oil
  16. White wine vinegar
  17. Hops
  18. Jasmine leaves
  19. Orange blossom water
  20. Rose Water
I also managed to pick up a few extra items; so some of the stuff will be deferred to next week. The extras I obtained were:

Rye Flour
White Spelt Flour
Buckwheat Flour
Vegeren Rennet - Cheesemaking
Vitamin C powder - Breadmaking
Arrowroot - for cooking and beauty products

I needed quite a few of these just hadn't expected to be able to pick them up today.

Thats just for this week and there may be some other bits and bobs am not able to get so those items wll go on a file forward list.

Foody Things To Put Down In Store
  1. Make Mustard - done
  2. Make Yoghurt
  3. Bottle Tarragon Vinegar
  4. Make Some Basil Oil
  5. Make Some pesto, put into individual ice cube trays and freeze
  6. Make some walnut pesto put into individual ice cube trays and freeze
  7. Make Elderflower Cordial - done
  8. Make Elderflower Curd
  9. Make Elderflower Champagne - done
  10. Make Elderflower Wine
  11. Dry Elderflowers -done
  12. Make Elderflower Jelly
  13. Make Gooseberry and Elderflower Curd
  14. Make Gooseberry and Elderflower Jam
  15. Make Strawberry and Elderflower jam
  16. Make Lemon Curd
  17. Make Orange Curd
  18. Dry Some more Apple Rings - done
  19. Dry stale bread for home made breadcrumbs/stuffings
  20. Make Curd Cheese - any excess to be frozen
  21. Make Yoghurt
  22. Start Rumtopf done
  23. Make Herb jellies
  24. More Rose Petal products including conserves - done
  25. Home Made Muesli
  26. Home Made Mincemeat - done
  27. Preserved Peel in syrup - done
  28. Make Sage Oil - done
  29. Make Strawberry Syrup
  30. Make Fruit Coulis
  31. Make Plum Jam
  32. Bottle tomato passata
  33. Apricot curd
  34. Freeze cherry plum tomatoes for winter months done
  35. Bottle Plums
  36. Dried more sage and rubbed into storage jar - done
  37. Apricot Jam
  38. Make Orange Wine
  39. Make Lager
  40. Make Bitter
  41. Make Cider
  42. Make Apple Pop
  43. Make Ginger Beer
  44. Make Giner Wine
  45. Make Plum Wine

Edible Things

  1. Home made ice cream
  2. Make Jelly/Trifle
  3. Make Savoury and sweet puff pastries
  4. Make Croissants
  5. Make Pain Au Chocolat
  6. Make Ice Lollies for the freezer - made cider adult ones
  7. Make Bread
  8. Make Pannacotta
  9. Make Profiteroles


  1. Washing
  2. Line Drying
  3. Ironing
  4. Strip Bed and get sheets laundered dried and ironed
  5. Polish and Hoover out bedroom
  6. Hoover stairs
  7. Sort out Dining Room
  8. Sort out Pantry and take everything out, wash and paint out; put everything back including storage of cake tins and storage tubs etc in back of pantry.
  9. Scrub out kitchen
  10. Get kitchen walls papered with lining paper.
  11. Paint out kitchen and stencil
  12. Make blind for kitchen and also sink skirt
  13. Door Curtain


  1. Tidy and sort front garden including weeding nearly there
  2. Weed herb bed - completed and re-sorted
  3. Plant up herb tubs - completed
  4. Sow some more seeds
  5. Get stuck in with the weeding and clearance in the back garden
  6. Get rid of any rubbish

Well that's the plan anyway and the best laid plans of mice and men often meet detours along the way.  Will see how it goes

Catch up soon.

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