Sunday, 25 July 2010

2010.07.23 My Day

Saturday morning started off with a nice leisurely stroll down by the river with Missy to let her run some steam off and for me to go and pick some more plums.  There are still loads left and hopefully will be able to get some more in the next few weeks in order that I can make some wild plum jelly, some spiced wild plum vinegar, some wild plum ketchup, wild plum butter,wild plum wine, some membrillo, wild plum cheese, some wild plum cordial.  I would also like to be able to put some of these fantastic little plums down in the freezer for plum pies and crumbles.  Today we picked 9lb of them. 

I also noted that the wild blackberries are starting to darken - certainly round this area - still early but if this weather keeps up it won't be long before they are cropping.  I have lots of nice recipes for these as well.

This evening I have started the Plum Cordial the juice retrieved is a lovely rosy red colour and it has sharp accent on the flavour.  Its very satisfying to stock the pantry shelves up in this way.

When I got home I picked these blackberries from the garden - not bad eh.  They are going to go into a blackberry and apple crumble  - we are at my mum's for lunch tomorrow so am taking this for pudding.

 I also have a recipe for a Hedgerow Jam so I am hoping that will be able to locate some purple bullace specifically for this recipe; there is also a spiced Hedgerow jelly recipe that I would like to try. I would also like to try and locate some damsons and walnuts.

Whilst out we met another elderly couple who also go foraging they were also walking their dog and they saw we had the plums and we got into conversation.

I also paid a visit to the veg shop today. Have white currants, and red currants. Intend to make a nectarine and white currant jam and also some reducurrant jam. Also found some Apricots that were reduced so no doubt will find something interesting to do with them.

Catch you all later




  1. I hope the blackberries don't start just yet! My wrist is still too weak to do much in the kitchen and I don't want to miss blackberry season.

  2. Hello again Tricia,
    Will you be listing the recipe for plum spiced vinegar? I love to make herbal vinegars, but would love to try this. Also how do you make the wild plum cheese.

    I love your blog and am going to add it to my blog roll.

  3. Hi Carla, welcome.

    I posted the recipe for Spiced Wild Plum vinegar on the 28 July 2010, if that's of any help.





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