Friday, 2 July 2010

In Praise of Bread and Butter and Jam

I remember as a small child being served fresh bread with butter and home made jam slathered on it for tea or supper with all time favourites being strawberry, raspberry and home made bramble jelly.

We knew no better we ate what was given us without question and we were grateful for what we had. In fact if we had of asked what's for tea we would often bye answered bluntly with "If it".  In other words if it goes around you will be getting some!  If we pushed and queried why, we were told that we were lucky to have food on the table and there was always some little child in a far off country who would have been grateful for what we were having and we should think ourselves more than lucky.  We were not too proud or demanding not to eat our bread and jam and very good it was too.  So much 50 odd years or so down the line I still love bread and jam for something to eat. A little bread and jam never hurt anyone. 

Not only that, for me it is a celebration of a memory or memories down the years with people sadly no longer with us but in my minds eye I had lots of special times with them principally always surrounded by good food.

Bread and jam is also very tasty wholesome food which is often forgotten in this day and age or people turn their noses up at it for being "poor people's food" and just not the done thing.  It seems to be suffering with its PR but hey don knock it until you have tried it.  Poor people's food is often the most tasty food that there is and bread and jam for tea is very quick to prepare. Everyone raves about warm croissants and preserve - just a different way of serving "bread n butter and jam"

You can do all sorts of things with a Jar of Jam  - you have choice of flavours, it can be made into a sauce to pour over ice cream either hot or cold, added to a steamed pudding, jam tarts, sponge cake filling,  sponge or swiss roll.  a litte hedgerow jam or jelly in a gravy helps give it lots of flavour have it spread on toast or on scones with fresh cream. Added to rice pudding and semolina puddings.  The list is endless.

So next time you get the munchies go butter yourself a couple of slices of fresh bread and butter and slather on some nice jam.  It takes minutes to make and goes down quickly in minutes too.

So don't forget the poor cousin of the sandwich world especially in this day and age where pennies are tight and we are not always able to easily afford whatever takes our fancies.  There are methods out there of compromising and being creative.  Sometimes all it takes is a little looking for but there is always a remedy somewhere.


  1. I love bread and jam and occasionally bread and treacle , meaning Golden syrup , but the bread must be new and real butter--cottonreel

  2. Hi Cottonreel and welcome. I too love bread and golden syrup also brown sugar and fresh bread. I only use butter as not very keen on the spreads. Inheritance from a trip to Belgium at the tender age of 7, my first trip abroad and I was there for 7 weeks. Became addicted to their chocolate spread on bread and butter for breakfast; trouble was couldn't get the spread here for years. Now you can get this from most shops.

    Take care and thanks for popping in

    Tricia (aka pattypan)


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