Saturday, 3 July 2010

More Cherries

Well so far I have had about 32lb of cherries off the tree and that is not even stripping it. I have therefore been very busy stripping the stalks from the cherries, washing them, drying and them and then storing them in 1 lb bags.   Needless to say the bulk of the cherries have gone into the freezer, for when I have more time to process them - although some are destined for pies, and crumbles apart from the 12lb that I preserved in syrup at the start of operations.  I think I must be desperately odd as I actually enjoy preparing stuff even if there is loads of it and making different things with the raw material.  I just wish I had the space to do more.  Its certainly the biggest harvest have had off the tree to date.  I am still rooting for that place in the country with the roses round the door and room to have a proper orchard, and fruit garden (probably all pie in the sky - but its a dream and something to aim for - and it is my dream).  One day!

 I have however made Cherry Ratafia and also started off the Rumptopf and also am having a play with the Sugared Cherries recipe.  Have put a 1 lb cherries to one side and they are currently soaking in the syrup.  They have to dry off yet so it will least be a three to four day operation (if not more).  Thought that this might make a different  preserve to put on the Christmas table on the sweetmeats front.  Will let you know how I get on with this.

Will have another go at probably getting a few more tomorrow if I can as I have found a nice recipe for a cherry preserve which might be nice in a sponge cake.

Simple things give the most pleasure.



  1. Trish,

    I have just picked a large bunch of parsley not sure how to dry it, in the microwave or hang it up, how do you do yours?????


  2. What I tend to do is bunch it into small faggots and secure with string and then put a dust collar round the herb then re-tie with more string and a loop and hang off any convenient hook. (just like with the sage) I check every few days to make sure that the herb faggots are drying equally and then when really crisp I crumble and put into storage jars taking out the stems/stalks. The quicker you can get to this stage the better as the herb retains more of its real green colour and I think is far superior to the bought kind with a lot more flavour. Ideal for parsley sauce with fish etc. I have tried the microwave - its a bit too hit and miss for my liking - I even bought a book on doing microwave dried fruit but it either came out too dry or not quite enough so when I put it back- I ended up wasting precious ingredients which wasn't to my liking. Perhaps it is just me on this. Alternatively if you have little individual ice cube trays you could do a couple of trays with the fresh herb chopped up and packed into the cube and a little water put on to to form a herb ice cube and then freeze. Then each time you need some herb just take out a cube from the freezer. This is the nearest you will get to freshest unless you buy from the supermarkets during the winter months (which is not always convenient) Hope this helps.

    Take care

    Regards to you both




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