Sunday, 8 August 2010

2010.08.07 & 08 My Weekend

Well its been a busy weekend and I have been bottoming out the dining room this weekend and under the stairs, constant washing and cleaning making sure everything is tickety booh doing the room section by section.  This room holds a lot of stuff as well as the cupboard under the stairs being my Jam Pantry and store for jars, bottles decorating equipement etc etc.  To get it absolutely A1 ok is going to take me another couple of nights, but it will be a job well done when it is finished.

I thought I was out of jam jars but I have found a load under the stairs so that is very useful so was quite pleased about that.

This room is the through room and tends to be the room where stuff is left - I am aiming to put a stop to this  so that I can utilise the room for doing my needlework - I have lots of stuff to do but haven't quite found the enthusiasm to start it but will get there.  One thing that is on the cards though is a couple of marrow bags for covering marrows which I intend to use for Marrow Rum.

OH has been fishing most of this weekend so it means have been able to get stuck in and get a lot done.  He came back this morning and we then took Missy for a long walk.  She decided to go dyke hopping but just didn't quite make it.  Not once but twice.  Result one two tone mucky pup,.  She got chucked in the river which cleaned her up at least she is white again now.  But I managed to get over 1lb wild blackberries and 1lb wild yellow plums as well as some meadowsweet so will get stuck in with bottling these and either making some meadowsweet beer if I have enough meadowsweet alternatively it may go towards cordial.  I think I may have left it a bit late on the meadowsweet front for this year as there wasn't much today.

We have had roast chicken boiled new potatoes, cauliflower, leek, carrots and gravy for tea it was very scrummy.

Missy is currently curled up on her blanket next to me flat out not a care in the world.

Well must get on still have quite a bit to do before I go up this evening  (which includes rounding the cats up) and then it will be all systems go again tomorrow night.

Catch you all again soon.




  1. So busy!! :-)

    You're room sounds like our kitchen table. It is right where you come in the door and tends to be a 'catch-all' no matter how hard I try to keep it clear.

    Strange how we see a flat area and feel the need to fill it up, lol

  2. What a busy bee you've been. And a good find with the jam jars, we never seem to have enough do we..

    I really should 'declutter' and get my home in some sort of order. I make a start and feel good about it but then fall off the waggon again and again and again..hubby is always commenting about my


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