Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Checking out the £ Shops

I popped into my local £ shop today for a quick nosy round as haven't been in there for a few weeks. I am glad I popped in as I was able to snaffle a new ironing board pad which is extremely thick, (for a £1 altho had £1.99 on it) so at some point in the not too distant future my ironing board is going to get overhauled. In the spirit of waste not want not and why dump it when it isn't brock!  All part and parcel of the slow re-organisation of the household basics.

I also managed to find 22 latex gloves (at the time of this post not sure whether 22 gloves or 22 pairs!) all for £1.

I also bought two bottles of disinfectant the ones that smell like flowers which always make the house smell nice.

I also noticed that they had 8 colourcatchers for £1.

The soup bags that Lakeland sell they do their own version for £1 a box Lakeland are about 3.99 a pack.

Its worth using these resources as it means you get reasonable basic stuff at sensible prices which means you can actually save and get those little special items that you possibly would not get otherwise.  Look after the pennies and the £1s will look after themselves.

The only problem with the £ shops is that stock differs quite wildly from shop to shop and from time to time that you go in.  But they are worth a look.


  1. So very sorry to learn of your Merlin's passing, haven't been online much and just read the post. =(

    You know my thoughts are with you and I can empathize totally . . . . *H*

  2. I know Kadeeae thank you for just being there.




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