Saturday, 9 October 2010

2010.10.09 My Day Part 1

Where is this year going to October here already season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, harvest festival, pumpkins damp weather grey skies and rain.  Ah well time to muster up a little bit of magic in the kitchen I have loads to do, but before I can start playing I have to get tidy and organised - which doing it properly is time hungry, but it needs to be done properly to save time in the the future. Kinda contradictory but I know what I mean.  I have let other half loose in the kitchen (not too sure as that's a good thing, as he always leaves the washing up)-  but hey a meal cooked by someone else is always a blessing so I thank my lucky stars.  We are having home made Cottage pie with a cheese crust - good home cooking comfort food at its best, warm up food and I am hungry.

Its a quiet evening here, OH pottering in the kitchen, Missy gnawing her favourite bone, me grabbing a few minutes on here to start this post whilst listening to Strictly Come Dancing on the TV.  Its dark out, a proper autumn evening, the wind is very chilly and you don't really want to be out and about if you can help it.  I just have one straggler to get in i.e, Tyson, I don't think he is going to take much calling.  Who on earth in their right mind goes calling the cat !  Me of course pleased to meet you.  Be warned I am slightly wappy in the cat department, especially now I am only reduced to two of the little darlings. 

Ooh must go dinners being dished up catch you all again later 



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