Sunday, 10 October 2010

2010.10.09 My Day Part 2

Well needless to say tea was rather lovely and yes he left all the washing up.

But the meal warmed me up as I was cold yesterday and it was indeed comfort food.

Today was like any normal Saturday and I paid a visit to the veg shop as per normal.  Today though most of my money went on obtaining ingredients for doing the yearly batch of picallili.  Ever since OH and I have been together (well over 20 years) I have always made a batch or two of picallili as he is rather partial to this.  But last year I bought the River Cottage Preserves book by Pam Corbin and for a change tried her recipe.  It is by far the best recipe I have come across so far.  Everyone who tries this likes it.  If you haven't got this recipe book I suggest it is the one preserves book you should really invest in.  ISBN details are: 978-7475 9532 8.  

The ingredients I bought were a couple of marrows, carrots, swede, onions, runner beans, cauliflower, romanesco, tomatoes. ISo tomorrow I will start the brining process with the vegetables and conclude the operation on Monday evening after I have been to my maths class.

I didn't buy much fruit this week bought some raspberries, peaches and some nectarines. I have lots of crab apples and eating and cooking apples as well so am going to be busy with the hubble bubble pot creating some seasonal magic over the next few days or so. I have chutney, jellies, herb jellies, chilli jelly in mind. I would also like to get hold of some hips and haws for jellies as well but lets get the basics done first. 

I have a trip planned to get some more eating and cooking apples tomorrow, as mum needs some as well  and if we don't take advantage now in a couple of weeks there won't be that many around.  

So its a busy and productive period over the next few days with lots to do on all fronts.  Oh and I have some plums to use up so will make some more plum jam.  Might put some cinnamon in this batch as this perks it up a bit.

Catch you all later on.



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