Thursday, 14 October 2010

Evening All

Hi everyone, sorry haven't been around and about but have had the dreaded lurgy.  The hospital have diagnosed me with Sorgen's Syndrome and suspect I have a soft connective tissue disorder which are both auto immune diseases, where basically the antibodies in my system are not working properly and so basically the antibodies in my system attack my system.  it would seem that the Raynaud Syndrome has been the trigger for this.  That's the simplistic version.  The steroids that I was put on by my GP in good faith, it would seem could cause more harm than good so I have instructions to be off them by the time I go back to the hospital in November, so I am busy trying to reduce these, but it has to be a gradual process, and the pain from my joints etc and the arthritis is something I am going to have to put up with for the time being.  I have also been prescribed plaquenil tablets (which contain quinine or otherwise known as hydroxychloreouqine sulphate).  I have also had follow up testing with lung function testing and also an echogram of the heart.  But the realistic practical day to day side effects mean that potentially I have to steer clear of people with colds, as a simple sniffle or cold (for which there is still no cure)  means it knocks me for six each time I get an infection.  Its not easy when you work in an air conditioned office.

I have been off work until today; as had a dry chest cold with splitting headache and fluctuations in temperature going from very warm to extremely shivery and cold and so I have been in bed for the last couple of days - hence the lack of posting as I have been resting. I have also had a Sore throat and loads of dry coughing; only that hurts as well.   Resting often does more good overall and keeping warm.  But needless to say I think I am on the mend now.  Put it this way I hope so as I don't make a good patient at the best of times.  OH made me some French Onion soup but he made it too hot (he added chilli which nearly burnt the back of my throat off) but it did soothe my throat and make me sweat it out a bit.   So, hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly.

Hope everything is okay in your part of the world and you are all fighting fit.
Take care



  1. Oh Pattypan so sorry to hear this news~!

    Soft gentle hugs


  2. Thanks Kimmie, just one of those things and at least I now know what I am dealing with things could be a lot worse and you have to deal with the hand life plays you with so when life sends you lemons you make lemonade. Its just a problem its not going to stop me in the long run. Am too cussed.

    Hope the rain has stopped for you now.

    Take care



  3. that doesnt sound good tricia, hope you feel better soon, and these conditions are managed well for you. a good positive attitude is half the battle!
    blessings Leanne x

  4. I thought your symptoms sounded ominous - my DIL had something similar which lasted ages. Glad to hear you are feeling better but don't try to do too much too soon. Let's hope the hospital can help with pain control when you go next month too.

  5. I hope you feel better. Is your work sympathetic to you being ill, if so that you help to ease things a bit for you
    Good luck

  6. I am far away and do enjoy your posts so.Sorry to hear what you have to deal with as you say.But again take care.


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