Sunday, 21 November 2010

Tis Stir Up Sunday today

Its stir up Sunday today, traditionally the last Sunday before advent when  the Christmas Pudding and Christmas Cake are made in order to allow it to mature its full flavour from all the wonderful ingredients that go into this wonderful mix.

Its a time also for the family to take a turn in stirring the pudding from East to West in rememberance of the three wise men and also to make a silent wish for the coming year.  A tradition that goes way back (or at least it does in my family).  My Nan used to always put in a
sixpence into the pudding mix. The lucky recipient was meant to have wealth etc in the following year.

So time to get the scales out and start measuring those ingredients and do a little bit of elbow work.

We are very lucky to have such a tradition as the Christmas Pudding. 

Next Sunday is the First Sunday in Advent


  1. I love christmas pudding and everything christmas--cottonreel

  2. It looks as if your Nan had as much influence on your life as mine did :o) I really have only happy memories, and 'stir up Sunday' is one of them - thank you for reminding me of another lovely memory!


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