Saturday, 29 January 2011

2011.01.29 My Day

Afternoon all by gum its blooming cold here. I was at my friends last night did not escape until 12.30 a.m. Shocked Shocked  [ I had spent the evening trying to show her how to use Tables in Word.  She has just taken over a job on a local housing associations panel and they have dumped the job of secretary on her as well.  She isn't a trained secretary so have been trying to show her some short cuts to make her life easier a little bit trial and error but I think we got there in the end with her.  I had her using the tables and making her own up as well.]  When I came out there was a thick white haw frost and it was absolutely perishing. 

Needless to say this morning I had a bit of a lay in.    When I did get up my morning started off in a dignified fashion for me, eating fresh croissants with home made strawberry jam from last year's put down and a nice brew to go with. Luvverly.  Just got breakfast out of the way and then my friend came flying over (the one I went to see last night) she had an MRI scan this morning and is claustraphobic so had been panicking about the whole process but had used a relaxation technique I use whenever I am worked up about something i.e. visualise a place that is special to you, or an event and take yourself back to it in your minds eye and lose yourself) apparently it worked and she didn't have a panic attack which I was pleased about and it had generally gone well.

Boy it is nippy here even though have heating on. OOhps that may be because the heatings switched itself off I wondered why I was colder than usual Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Thats better have gone and pushed the button - heat has been restored. But its still very cold cats are all in.

Have been to the veg shop and stocked up.  First visit this year due to an absence of pennies so I needed to stock up on some real basic stuff.  Bought carrots, swede, sweet potatoes, parsnips, cauliflower, broccoli, red onions, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, squash, leeks, clementines, bananas, Seville Oranges, and some spring onions for making some champ.

Bought my Seville Oranges so there were will be a marmalade session started tonight I suspect and concluded tomorrow. I also came away with loads of tomatoes - might make fresh tomato soup. There were also some clementines so there may well be some clementine marmalade as well although it could yet get turned into home made clementine curd which I absoluteley adore. I am going to have a go at some Seville Orange curd as well.  I also have a liqueur type recipe that I want to try using the Seville Oranges.  I also intend to use the peel as well from the clementines.

The Landlord has also decided that we need a new boiler (we have been here about 25 years and the boiler was in before we arrived) so the chap who is doing that is coming on Monday - however I have yet to clear some more of my stuff out of the way in the back bedroom so that he can sort the pipework out etc.. So that will need doing at some point later - am just chilling listening to some music at the moment. Not often chance I get to do that as OH is normally hogging the television and the music system is in the same room.  Music is for me balm for the soul.

Hope everyone is okay and those not so well hope you are loads better soon [hugs]

Catch you later


  1. It's bitterly cold here as well, winter hasn't finished with us yet I'm afraid. I must get some Seville oranges next week, DH has been making pointed remarks about being out of marmalade:)

  2. Hi Rowan, I think you may well be right its bitter here. I only got my Seville Oranges by chance as I haven't seen any to buy so far this year - not even on our market so I have bought 4 kgs today at £1.50 a kg because she did not think she would be having anymore and I did not want to miss out on my Seville Orange Marmalade kick Apparently they are more likely these days to come in early January rather than the traditional February; but I think they are worth it.

    Take care and look after yourself




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