Monday, 24 January 2011


No I am not speaking about Unidentified Flying Objects but more like Un-finished objects which have been lurking in my cupboards,drawers and select carrier bags taking up precious space.

I Have been sorting out the two back bedrooms and all the junk - it has taken sometime to get it where it is (have been doing a bit at the weekends for the past couple of months or so) - its still chocca but at least now its an organised mess. I get bored very easily and lose the thread and end up starting something new, so I have made a promise to myself that this year I will try and address all those UFO's. In fact I have been quite gob-smacked at what I actually do have on the go I want to try and finish them before I potentially start anything else. I tend to do things like this and then have a session of getting things completed, but I need the space and it would also be nice to have some more items finished and to frame, pop up or whatever. However I fear I have quite a cache of crotchet items to complete first although I think it is going to take a while to get some of them done.

1 Purple double bed blanket. (cannot get to the wool at the moment)
1 Lilac and white heavy cotton king size bedspread
1 Green Pink and Cream heavy cotton king size bedspread
1 Rainbow strip king size blanket (I refer to this as my Rainbow blanket predominantly worked out of scraps of double knitting, in lilacs, whites, purples, greens etc. about one third worked
1 yellow and green single bed bedspread
1 sage green and cream lap blanket
1 knitted lilac and white throw (all squares knitted currently stitching up). 

As small throw made up of very tiny squares multicoloured

Well that's the crotchet admitted to Now I have to pop off and make a schedule of the other bits and bobs which includes a reproduction sampler that I started when I was 21 years old - I will be 52 this year Shocked Shocked So I think that one is definitely on the list its a rather spectacular one based on an original American Sampler..

Do you have any UFO's that you want to get finished.????

I want to get these out the way so that I can start those other projects that are just calling to me. I am a devil with wool, fabric, threads, and especially beads and beadwork Embarassed Embarassed  I am a very tactile person and I love the feel and texture of everything and it is always a revelation that each person could be handed the same materials and yet come out with something completely different. That's what creativity is all about.  However, that is just the crotchet

There is quite a bit of cross stitch, needlepoint, beadwork etc. and embroidery to complete without the knitting and the sewing.

I try and have a small project on the go during the week so that I can get something done fairly quickly or I just have the crotchet on the go which can be picked up and put down.  Then there is the clippie rug made out of old recycled jeans and the patchwork.  I have a mariners compass cushion cover which I started at a workshop and which I have yet to complete, but at least now I have found the sewing machine.



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  1. It sounds as if you have a lot of work ahead of you. Tackle one project at a time, that's what I do.
    Last year I was very good, finished all of the projects I started. But, that is only because I had deadlines to reach and I work better under pressure. Maybe that's what you could do, make deadlines, worth a try.


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