Saturday, 19 February 2011

2011.02.19 My Day - Today so far

Its been horrible and wet here today - grey, grey, grey n damp. I was hoping for a better day as I need tidy the back garden up a bit the plumber has left a bit of a mess.   So far its been a kinda lazy day apart from a little bit of pottering about tidying up bits and bobs and getting my fresh aired ironing into the wardrobes and onto the racks (well that is what have managed to achieve so far need to find those coathangers).  I always air my clothes - old habits die hard.

The washing machine is whirring around as is the dishwasher. Its a busy comforting sound although sometimes the washing machine goes into overdrive and re-arranges itself as the load has become uneven.  I  have some cooking planned for later on or failing that tomorrow - have quite a few things that need to be done.  In between all this am researching and sorting recipes for me to try.  I might as well do all the cooking in one fair swoop to make the most of the oven and making sure I get the maximum amount of value for having it on. I have some tomatoes to make passata with and I also want to get the chutney done, maybe some flapjacks, have some carrots that need using up so perhaps some carrot and coriander soup, granola for my breakfast cereal, another batch of muesli to make, and some marmalade and jellies.  Also want to do a dessert jelly and will probably make a flan with some mandarin oranges.  I also need to process some of the clementines that I have bought. They come in nice little wooden crates which I hope to use in the pantry for storing some of the root veg or alternatively in the greenhouse.

We had hoped to be able to take Missy for a good walk today but sadly the weather has put paid to that, bless her think she is going a little stir crazy for freedom and a real good run.  We will have to see what tomorrow brings. A good walk does her good and us too.  Besides I want to get out and about into the hedgerows to see what I can find.

We have Cottage Pie for tea later on courtesy of the OH with a nice cheesy crust so that should warm us up comfort food for a grotty day.

Will pop back later I have a Jack Russell desperate for a cup of tea! Keeps licking me to death think perhaps I had better take the hint I think she is thirsty.

Catch you all later.


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  1. Hehehe, love the bit about her wanting tea :) The IL's Yorkie is the same. If FiL makes a cuppa, she will sit and stare, later barking a bit until he gets up and puts some in her bowl.

    You sound so busy, puts me to shame! Hope you're well in this damp weather *H*


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