Monday, 21 February 2011

2011.02.20 My Day

We didn't have a proper Sunday lunch today - we normally always have a roast of some description even if we have to have what are classed as frugal meals/scratch meals during the week.  As OH was doing the kitchen there seemed no point so decided to do something on the spur of the moment.  Its not often that we have Scampi these days as it is too expensive, but I managed to find a packet in the freezer and did some home made chips and bread and butter served with tartare sauce and it was yummy.  My chip pan however needed cleaning out.

Well as I said in my earlier post started playing with the steam cleaner and I am very chuffed so chuffed I decided to tackle the chip pan with it  after tea and it has come up very well indeed.  All it needs now is the new oil to go in and it will be back in action again.  OH loves home made chips -  I usually limit this to once a week but he is going to be getting an extra portion of chips this week as the family are coming to play again on Tuesday evening.  Thought would cook a chicken and then it is up to them as to how they would like this served.  Thought that I would give them the option of chicken and chips or chicken wraps with chilli sauce and salad.  I already have the wraps in.  *****Mental note to myself must find a recipe for making home made wraps as they are expensive to buy ready made and if can make them myself am assuming that it would be a lot cheaper*****. I am afraid I am getting to be a bit of a skin flint.

The worktop and the cupboard doors have been sterilised with the steam cleaner and I have my other appliances that I use on a regular basis out on top including my bread machine, Kenwood Mixer and my Moulinex food processor and four slice toaster.  There is now plenty of room to do chopping etc.  Popping these appliances ready for use on the worktop has freed up a cupboard that I can now use for storing other bits and bobs in.

Now I have the bread maker in situ I intend to start making my own bread again on a regular basis.  Intend to have a session bagging up basic mix ingredients to save measuring up during the week it will also mean OH will be able to put on a loaf of bread without having to follow a recipe when it runs out, being as he is the main bread eater in the family.  Thought it would make sense to do things this way and then store the bread mixes in the pantry in a basket with a relevent identity tag on.
I also want to start doing a regular baking slot sometime in the week as well.  I used to make a lot of swiss rolls and flan cases at one time.  They are lovely filled with fresh fruit and cream and with cherries and kirsch makes a nice home made blackforest gateau especially if decorated with chocolate cream and chocolate leaves.  They also freeze very well.  Emergency dinner pudding or fill with home made ice cream. Scrummy.  I use the same recipe for the flan case as for the swiss rolls and they make a lovely baked Alaska.  Am back to work tomorrow so it will no doubt be sometime tomorrow evening before I will post again.  Had nice few restful days although have been incredibly stiff and in pain again.  Just have to take each day as it comes.

It is lovely to see new faces joining in and commenting.
Take care wherever you are

Catch you all tomorrow


  1. How lovely to have made some extra space in your kitchen, the steam cleaner sounds really good. I've heard of them vaguely but never really investigated them but I shall look into the subject further after what you've said. I hope your aches and pains ease up soon, all this damp weather will be making things worse for you. Some sunshine and warmth would be good for us all I think:)

  2. Oooh, fresh bread! :)

    Got out of the habit a while back but have been doing a homemade loaf about every other day for some time again and it's lovely.

    I use my breadmaker as a 'dough' maker, lol, when it's ready I tip it out and do another knead then pop it into a bread tin for raising or do a shaped loaf on a sheet. I'm funny in that I don't like the size and shape that the breadmaker creates so do my own.

    Enjoy your new found space!



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