Sunday, 20 February 2011

Busy Sunday

Spring is in  the air, plants are starting to stir in the garden despite the greyness of the past few days and I have ventured out to survey the mess that the plumber has left,.  Why is it they disrespect borders and just sling things anywhere.  Doh. . I am anxious to get a lot done, I can feel a change in the air  although I haven't had the energy for doing much.  My plans for cooking have gone seriously to pot as OH decided today was the day when he was going to sort the cavity where my boiler recently was from a recess with cracked tiles, plasterwork, remnants of metal pipes and chimney, basically fromm a sows purse into something useable if not a silk purse.  Basically we had decided to relocate the microwave and my small rotisserie oven in there out of the way and off the work top so that I can usefully have some work top to play with.  My boxes (just some of them) of my regular herbs and spices are stored at the bottom so that they are easily accessible.  My kitchen is only a small galley kitchen so space is at a premium as is storage which is minimal.  I am therefore hoping that soon I will be able to afford a shed to use and store my extensive store of bottles jars, freezers etc so it frees up more space in the house.

Needless to say in moving the Microwave and the Rotisserie Oven I am having to do a good clean, which has led to me to a slight diversion.  You see I have been given a hand held steamer for use in my cleaning without the need for grotty chemicals.  I thought today a good time to give it a try and I am impressed.  I think this little bit of kit is going to get some frequent use.  It has brought the worktops and the tiles up brilliantly.  I have just stopped off for a little break but intend to carry on again shortly.  I think once the worktop is completed and the cupboard doors that the cooker is going to get a going over too.  I can see the potential of a larger steam cleaner being very useful too.

Doing this has also freed up valuable worktop space and also means that I can put some of my regularly used appliances out like my toaster and bread machine. 

Still a lot to do will try and catch up later.  Perhaps I will get to my cooking during the week.


So although this has caused extra work for me it is all in a good cause

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  1. I worked on some outside potted plants and did some weeding today, It felt good to get my nails dirty and it has been very nice out the last few days.


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