Tuesday, 22 February 2011

On my Travels - Weck Jars

Today was a sort of higgledy piggledy day - and first day back at work.  I normally meet a friend for lunch on a Monday but she had some training to do so our lunch has been put off until tomorrow.  As a result I was able to assist one of the Lawyers with an urgent piece of work and didn't go for my lunch until about 1.50 p.m, and got back to the office before 2.50 p.m.

Anyway on one of my wanders (I always leave the office for a breath of fresh air and for a good walk) I popped into Lakeland to pick up their brochures.  Whilst in store however I espied some new bottling jars in Lakeland, the German Weck bottles (the round heavy bottomed jars that are used for bottling fruits in for Christmas fare).  They had quite a selection of shapes and sizes at quite reasonable prices including bottles for bottling cordials and fruit juices in and some little jars that would be ideal for doing fruit cheeses in.  These jars are fixed by a rubber seal and metal tags on either side of the jar.  They also had some jars that would be ideal for preparing pates in etc.  Quite a good choice. The only other place I have found these jars were at Vigo

I subsequently went on the Lakeland site but they do not have them listed yet so when I get a minute further on the week I will do further reconnaisance.  I quite liked the look of the jars although I have never used them

Vigo are the people who produce the fruit presses, and various other equipment ideal if you have your own apple orchards smallholding etc they do quite a range of equipment.

I told you all I had a jar fetish - perhaps now you will believe me.

Family are coming to tea tomorrow night so might well pop in later on.

Take care



P.S. These are the jars I am talking about I found the pictures on Google


  1. Like the look of the Weck jars too Tricia, do you think you might be tempted to get some then?

  2. You are getting to know me too well Rose! Of course I will in due course especially the ones suitable for fruit cheeses. I am quite partial to "cheese" and think the fruit cheeses will go well with my pickled onions/shallots and other chutneys. Am ever on the look out and I try and re-use things where I can. I already have a couple of the Weck jars and now I know where to get the seals and clips I think that they are going to be utilised in one of my preserving exploits.

    Hope you are keeping well




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