Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Well the plumber has been here for two days so far, come to replace the boiler in the house we rent, but has also replaced four radiators too.  House in a right muddle top to bottom and he has changed the venue of where the new boiler is to be cited.  Originally it was in the kitchen but the resident pipework has kind of dictated that this go into the little bedroom upstairs at the back of the house.  There is currently a gaping hole in the wall where the new boiler has been put that is going to need some major patching up and it looks as though we are going to have to decorate. More on that shortly.

Its bitter again weather wise and we have no heating apart from a little fan heater.  Hopefully after the plumber has been tomorrow and the boiler and all the mess will be tidied up and I can start putting the house back together again.

It was our intention in any event to turn the small bedroom into an office/small craft room.  Once the plumber has finished will go in wash everything down. The existing carpet has had to be taken up and is really past its best we have been renting here 25 years and it was already in when we arrived.  We have some laminate flooring so intend to put that down, paint, and put up some new nets and some curtains I already have.   We have had to have a new radiator in there as the old one leaked. That should freshen things up quite a bit.  Then install the big computer desk etc. and also get some substantial shelving incorporated in the room and try and organise some of my sewing pattern stash in all guises, crotchet, embroidery, cross stitch dressmaking, beading etc etc.  I have a lot of these and want to get them into some kind of order. I thought I would get some gaily coloured mangazine holders to keep the magazines in good condition. Those I don't want will end up getting moved on recycled somewhere down the line.  Trouble is browsing the odd one or two I am spotting more work and patterns that I would like to do.  What am I like.  Hands off Pattypan until the UFO work is competed. (but there is no harm in sorting a stack of possibles).  I also need somewhere to do my dressmaking and OH also has some things he wants to try out on the craft front too.  He wants to have a go at enamelling.  Apparently he has done some before, but wants to experiment a little.

The airing cupboard that now is will become redundant, and as I have two double free standing clothes racks in the bedroom thought would transfer one complete set of these into the cupboard and turn it into a walk in wardrobe of a kind.  The tank is due to be taken out, so once the rails are in will get it painted out to freshen it up also and then install my clothes and probably put in some shoe racks in as well as my shoes are currently lurking in the bottom of my main wardrobe.

There are lots of other things to do, but I thought if I broke it down into bite sized pieces it would not be quite so overwhelming and would be more easily achievable and these are things that need doing in any event.

Finally Happy Birthday  and Many Happy Returns of the day to my OH. Who is nearly as old as Methusalah, but not quite. (I will get shot I will).

Take care wherevever you are




  1. I hope your boiler and radiators will soon be up and running keeping you and your loved ones warm again. Sounds like that paintbrush is going to get some work - just think what a huge difference a coat of paint makes...instant transformation! The ideas sound great and I'm sure you'll make good use of the 'new' space when it's done. In the meantime Tricia I'll be thinking of you and hope the work ahead goes as smoothly as possible.
    Best wishes
    Rose H x

  2. Happy Birthday to your OH! Sounds as though you will be able to free up a bit of space in your house with your ideas, organizing your craft supplies is a good idea, if they are sorted into proper order they will take up less room too. You're going to be busy!


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