Monday, 21 March 2011

Bits n bobs

Well the computer is in situ.  The above photo only shows part of the room.  I still have lots to do including the decorating which we haven't got to yet, but at least we can use the computer in a state of some organisation. Ideally I would like some shelves built into the corner, but will have to wait and see how things go.  The idea being that I can put all the programmes, and consumables for the computer on the shelves, so that it leaves the desk as uncluttered as possible.  I now have to restore the essential filing to some sense and order now at long last have been able to get at the filing cabinet.  Another job - huh!  Well it needs doing so it will be another job well done. It will be nice to restore order to the chaos.  If I keep at things a bit at a time I will get there in the end.  I also have space to work so think will go back to the once a month accounting evening also.  I like being able to find things and having them sorted.

I was planning on doing some ironing this evening.  However, there were some programmes that I wanted to watch as well so that put paid to that.  Needless to say, I have not been idle,I have nearly knitted another square for my blanket, so it looks as though operation ironing pile will start tomorrow evening instead.  That will be done upstairs in the computer room but the other end of the room.  I can listen to my radio then while swishing away with the smoothing iron.  The room is nice and cosy and warm anyway.

I just need another desk and/or table (for using as a cutting out) table for my sewing machine and overlocker so that I can go up and whizz along with the sewing machine.  I have quite a lot of fabric to use up, as well as material for making tablecloths for my large 8 seater pine table in the dining room.  There is lots that I want to have a go at, including making some chair pads for the dining room chairs, and also for my rocking chairs.  but because of not being able to leave everything set up so that I can just pop up and do a bit here and there and because in the past have had to set up in the dining room, because of all the faff of getting out setting things up and then having to put away again it kinda puts you off.  And then of course there is the patchwork that I want to have a go at and I have some skirts and trousers that I want to make also.  I used to make a lot of my own clothes in the past.  I also want to set up my cross stitch frame/stand together with my craft lamp so that I can go up and do a bit every so often.

Removing the computer and table from the other room has opened it up so that I can get to the items in store there sorted, used (in the case of my craft consumables) and find those bits that have been eluding me for months including the elusive purple wool for completing my purple blanket.  But then, I do have an awful lot to keep me occupied.  

OH should start fishing soon, so that should give me plenty of time to play with the craft side of things and time for concentration.  There is so much to do and so little time to do it.  I also want to get the garden sorted too, but with the lighter nights that should help matters

Its best to be busy.

Take care catch up soon.



  1. And you ARE busy, aren't you? And are you a lefty??? I see the mouse to the left of the keyboard :) Well, unfortunately, I MUST iron at the moment, but only 1 shirt :) so I send happy thoughts your way and hope you're well. Take care! ~ER~

  2. Hi Elizabeth - just a tad busy. I'm right handed OH left handed. Am okay, just lots to do and being as I am an impatient Taurus things are not happening quickly enough for me. However, at least they are moving and I am starting to see where things are going etc. Hope you are okay too. Your road trip with your female family members sounds as thought it will be good fun and it gives you something to look forward to. Take care honey - and look after yourself and that family of yours.

    Tricia (aka pattypan)


  3. Hi Pattypan

    It's really looking good - I'm like you I like to have one Saturday morning per week working on the bills and the budget usually at the end/start of the month. Keep up the good work!
    Best wishes

  4. Hi Pattypan,

    All looks very organised & efficient... We've been creating an office in one of our spare bedrooms for the last 2 years, but it's become a junk room over time. Hoping that this is the year we'll get it sorted!!!

    Knowing us - it probably won't, but it's good to dream!

    Kay :)

    Ps. You've really inspired me to get knitting, crocheting & sewing - have now bought supplies & hope to start asap! Thank you x

  5. You are welcome Kay - if you get stuck yell and I will try and help - can't promise, but if I can't I might know someone who will be able to assist. A lot of my friends always have some crafts etc on the go too.

    Are the boys going to join in with this too? Naughty me!

    Take care




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