Tuesday, 1 March 2011

March Already!

Pinch Punch first of the month white rabbits white rabbits white rabbits.
Where has this year gone to  - March already.  This year is marching to the sound of its own drum and is racing along like a championship runner in a marathon. It seems to have developed its own speed and momentum - is it going to slow up or will this year foist its own restrictions on us all one way or another. It hardly seems 5 minutes since it was Christmas.

However, it is starting to feel a little like Spring - yes we are still getting wet and very cold weather but Spring is creeping in.  The change although subtle is there almost imperceptible but there all the same. The change in seasons brings its own pleasures though, shooting buds of plants that have lain dormant through the winter months, the promise of things to come.  Life struggles on because it is the survival of the fittest, the ancient drum beat that all life forms follow.

One day my dream and my own particular drum beat  is to move to the South West where it is a warmer climate, and hopefully would do my arthritis more good than does up here.  Whenever I have been down in Cornwall or Devon I have always been a lot easier as the climate is so much milder even when its cold,  That's the dream  we all have to dream don't we have to have something to keep us going and to strive for.  Thats the dreamer in me but the realist surfaces every so often and the realist says that I will need a lottery win to relocate.  But one day  - hey who knows.  Things might just happen if and when the timing is right as all you have to do is choose 7 winning numbers.

May this month be a good one for you; dreamers and realists one and all.

Take care


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  1. Ooooh, the dream. I'm here and want to be there. You're there but want to be in a different part. Realist-Schmilist, I say! You and I need to keep dreaming and visualizing and putting those energies into actions...however small those actions are. Baby steps. If I'm not researching, I'm making plans, using my research. If I'm not getting in touch with others about moving/living/working there, I'm looking for new contacts. If I'm not doing 'realistic' planning, networking, researching, I'm dreaming and visualizing to the point where it's nearly tangible. I even listen to news programs and look at live webcams of the areas I want to live in! Some call it 'obsessed', I call it 'focused' :) My intentions and energies are virtual, global and cosmic...and I certainly feel that 'pull' as if something is in motion because of it. How could it not? I hope you dream with all your might, Tricia and make it happen...and I DO plan on meeting you in Cornwall one day and saying, "Hey Tricia, what's that recipe for...?"


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