Saturday, 16 April 2011

2011.04.16 My Day

Sorry about that seem to have the gremlins in the works tonight - post blogged itself before I had even finished typing it!  Ohhps-a-daisy - very sorry.

Anyway, Today has been a leisurely day as I didn't sleep too well last night - couldn't get comfortable at all, as a consequence I wasn't up very early as I crashed out when I was supposed to be getting up.  Never mind these things are sent to try us.  Have sort of concentrated on housewifely duties for the best part of the day. Deep Joy.  A necessary evil and had to get a wriggle on. There was a massive pile of washing which I had hoped to get out on the line to line dry as there is nothing nicer than the clean smell of fresh laundry, but it looks as though will have to finish it off tomorrow.  Hopefully tonight I will get a better night's sleep.  But at least the washing was started and I did get some out on the line to dry.

I have also been pottering in the garden, its been very peaceful and I enjoyed the peace and quiteI also got some of my fruit bushes potted up into pots until the spot is ready in the garden for them   I have potted up three tayberries,  together with three scented rambling roses (a pink, yellow and purple).  I have also sown some mustard and cress for salads or egg and cress sandwiches and also sown some yellow courgettes together with some pattypan squash.  I have also started sorting the herb border out as it had got badly overgrown with weeds including cleavers or goosegrass.  

I also watered up the two hydgrangea pots, the box tub, the bay tree standards, and the borders and gave all the plants including the strawberry tubs and hangers a good watering with a feed of nettle tonic to perk everything up.  Well it has been a cold winter!  They need their vitamins too!  The lemon balm, mint, feverfew, sage, Rosemary have all made it through but I have lost the Tarragon, Thymes  the Angelica (which has always set itself).  I do have a Chocolate Mint which was a pressie from my friend Alison, which is shooting well. and is lovely.  However am on the look out for several lemon verbena as the smell is just divine and makes a lovely pot pourri, but the flavour is very good too "lemony" for those of you who have not tried it yet. I love fresh herbs to go and pick and put with whatever I am cooking, the freshness and the lift they give to good simple food is delicious.

I need to get some more seeds set over the next few days, but I haven't got much compost left and will have to get some more before I can get the bulk of the seeds up and running.  I have just realised that I am further behind than I thought, mostly due to the weather being as cold as it has been. I feel the cold quite badly.  But now the lighter nights are here, I may well go into the garden straight from work to chill and do a little work to try and play catch up.  I certainly need to get some salad stuff set and sorted as well as pea shoots.  Ideally I would like lots of everything so that I can preserve a lot of it for the winter months. But we will have to wait and see what happens.

We popped to the freezer shop Farm Fresh earlier on this afternoon and I managed to get a French version of cream cheese (like Philadelphia) for about 39pence a tub.  It really is delicius and I am quite partial to this type of cheese on French stick just plain,but you can put all sorts of other goodies with it.  I really need to get the freezer sorted - doesn't look as if its going to be this weekend though, will probably be Easter weekend although I hope to do quite a bit in the garden then weather permitting.  I want to go and stock up the freezer again with lots of goodies.

I have another sack of spuds, but not the Picasso potatoes that we had before and which were a good all rounder.  This time round they are Cara.  But I didn't buy much else apart from some fruit as we are out to dinner tomorrow, courtesy of my lovely mum.  So am looking forward to that and to spending some quality time with my mum which is precious.

It looks as though its going to be another busy week this week.  I have a workshop to attend next Saturday which I am very much looking forward to.  At 6.00 p.m. next Saturday however I have to attend at the new Peterborough City hospital to have an MRI scan done.  My health has been a problem of late mainly osteoarthritis, scleroderma, Raynauds syndrome  a combination of things - soft connective tissue disorder and it has given me difficulties in walking upstairs, pain  and stiffness in my hips and lower back - don't seem to be without it at all just the degree that changes.  I have already been told I have degenerative changes in my hips from Xrays that I had taken prior to my last visit to the Consultant. But as the problems are getting worse and I am in a lot of  pain and discomfort in my back as well they have decided to do a scan before deciding what to do for the best.  I have a high pain threshold anyway, but a lot of the time it is way too much.  [Consultant told me she suspects may have a trapped nerve or nerves so want to find out what is causing it].  I have been given medication to help me get a comfortable nights sleep - as I get stiff and set and have to get up in the middle of the night, which seems to be helping; however it makes me a tad sleepy in the mornings.  So will just have to wait and see, but I hope they sort things soon.  I am 52 in May - its very frustrating dottering around like an old woman as I am not  at all old and still have a lot of living to do.  I intend to grow old disgracefully like my darling father did. Sorry for the moan  - I will get there eventually - I don't like to be beaten at anything. Not a good patient.  I always test the boundaries.  Well its not as if they give you an instruction book of what to do, how to do it and when to do it!  Rant over!  Things can only get better!

Hopefully I will be up early in the morning to get some more washing done and hung out and some more seeds set before we tottle over to see my mum.

Catch you all soon.  Take care wherever you are




  1. Sounds like the garden is coming on well Tricia, the only problem is it's never done! Have you tried growing your own spuds? I planted about a dozen last year in sacks on the patio and was pleasantly surprised with the crop, I just delved in the compost to take as many out as I needed for a meal so they were always just picked fresh :o) I (finally) planted some more yesterday and am looking forward to the harvest already.
    Sorry to hear you are not getting your rest, I'm lucky I don't suffer with such painful problems, but I'm probably one of the worlds worst insomniacs. I'm never in bed before 2am as I don't see the point in tossing and turning and then I usually read for at least half an hour (though often see 3am pass by with still not a wink). The worst part is I wake around 7.30 and cannot bear to stay in bed - little wonder I have bags as big as shopping trollies beneath my eyes!
    Hope you enjoy Sunday, I'm still thinking about the rib roast you had last week!

  2. Hello Rose

    Have some spuds to put in which have been chitting. I might get some sacks as well though - that's a very good idea. It sounds as though you are a bit of an owl in any event. I don't read at night on two counts, one it wakes up OH having the light on and second, it wakes me up as I really just need to read that extra page and carry on reading regardless. The rib roast last week was delish so much flavour. Hope you have a good day too.

    Take care



  3. Hello again - As Trev gets up for work at 3.50am (!) I used to have the dimmest bulb in my bedside light to read, but during one of my charity shop visits I found an American product called The Light Wedge (boxed and unused), which is basically a piece of perspex with LED's shining through it from one end. It just fits the page, acts as a bookmark, and is dimmable too. I had a look on the net and they cost about $34 in the US. It never disturbs hubby now when I'm reading and the light is directly on the page.


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