Sunday, 3 April 2011


One of the things I have learned to do over the years is have a go at things myself.  Initially I would see things to buy that I loved, but did not have the wherewithal to purchase.  I got fed up with this and out of necessity started to have a go at doing things myself which worked out a lot cheaper in the long run with a bit of careful planning and buying bits and putting them up a bit at a time (I am talking mainly of fabrics  here being bought at reduced prices or fabric recycled from clothing).  Ok so I didn't end up with what I had originally had my eye on per se, but I did end up with something similar and with individual pieces that no one else had.  Okay so it may not be quite perfect but that is all part and parcel of the charm of the piece and hey it meant I did not need to go without and it served to feed my creativity and practical needs but at a fraction of the costs.  This related to both food products and needlework/craft projects.

I don't buy magazines these days  (I used to buy a lot at one time) but one caught my eye during the week and I did indulge just this once. It was a case of buy the pattern and keep it until I am ready to use it or miss and lose it completely.  I have for a while had my eye on patchwork cushion fronts in the shape of the Union Jack but made in florals and plains as well - very effective and quite took my fancy.  

I am not too confident with Patchwork at the best of times and it is something I really want to get to grips with as I really do love the inifnite combinations and patterns and the whole overall effect of patchwork and its practicality.  As I already have lots of fabric in my fabric stash in reality this will just cost me the price of the magazine and I will have the pattern to reuse again and again.  There are also a couple of other projects in the magazine that I am also quite taken with (a heart shaped cushion/panel front made out of small pieces of fabric would make a lovely quilt worked panel by panel).  

These cushions cost an arm and a leg to buy in the shops just for one cushion cover when with a bit of time and effort you could probably end up with four cushions covers for the price you would spend on just one or two with the added advantage that you pick your fabrics. I

I have lots of ideas but I really need to get on a play with things, and experiment.  This pattern would also make some nice place mats for the table or a quilt made up of these panels and sashed with a neutral colour in between.

I just need to get a table and a cutting table for the craft room and I should be able to zip along as I will be able to leave my sewing machine set up without having to clat about setting up the machine each time I want to use it and then having to pack things away again. My Mum has a drop down leaf table that would be ideal as a cutting table and also my father's old computer desk which I think might be ideal for me to use as my sewing machine table.  I have an overlocker machine as well to accommodate.  I then just need a couple of stacks of drawers on wheels for storing essential sewing equipment in - might help get rid of a few more boxes in the back bedroom.

I have to start somewhere with the patchwork so I thought I would start with simple things.  My biggest problem is cutting though as I am not terribly good with it. i.e.using a rotary cutter.  I really need to play though.  If I can go up and have everything sorted and just mess around I will find my own parameters through trial and error and when I have peace and quiet to concentrate.

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