Saturday, 30 April 2011

Plant Wish List

Rosemary Bushes
Lavender Bushes
2 Standard Rosemary plants
2 Standard Lavender Bushes
2 Standard Margeurites
Yellow Raspberry Canes
Autumn Bliss Rasberry Canes
Plum tree
Pear tree
Apple trees
Peach tree
Apricot tree
Lemon Verbena
David Austen Roses - climbers and bushes
Lily of the Valley
Grape Vines red and white
Virginia Creeper
Japonica bushes


  1. Wow, that's going to keep you busy! I wish you luck in searching for them, planting them and enjoying your garden once they are planted.

  2. Great plants on your list Tricia, some I have but quite a few I'd like too. The wisteria is in full bloom now round her, it's just such a beautiful romantic plant - certainly on my list!
    Did you manage to visit Lidl? I got a dwarf Golden Delicious (OH's favourite) and a lovely dwarf cherry (can't remember the variety), yesterday. I'm going to keep them in containers.
    I live about 14 miles from David Austin Roses at Albrighton - fabulous place :o) I got rid of all my roses some years ago though, I try not to use chemicals but was fed up of aphids, mildew and black spot :o(
    I did have a lovely clump of lily of the valley until OH weeded for me! (He's no gardener LOL)
    Hope you manage to get some more from your list.

    Have a great weekend!
    Rose H x

  3. Hello Ann,

    Welcome to my blog. I sort of have got quite a big wish list, and I suppose the list is a little big, however, it is a wish list, and I know I won't get them all at once, but every so often I hope to be able to add a plant or two from the list. Its more a way of getting useful plants that I really like and having a check list will help me focus.By the way I love your little blog, you write with such feeling and I particularly like the post about the marbles for your grandson, it has much feeling attached to it and such heart. For those of you wanting to check out Ann's blog this is at


    I had a Wisteria a small one, but last year's winter put paid to that, so I am hoping to replace it at some point. Lucky you living so near David Austin's nursery. I do so love his roses. Supposedly growing garlic near the roses is meant to help with pest control. I am hopefully off to Lidl's tomorrow so will see if they have any fruit trees - its my birthday on Tuesday so I am hoping OH will treat me to a couple of trees.

    I also had a clump of lily of the valley but yet again last year's winter seems to have got to them either that or they have tunnelled down under.

    Hope both of you ladies also have a lovely weekend.

    Take care

    Pattypan (aka Tricia)


  4. Hi Pattypan, I likes ur blog and ur hobby is gardening

    thyme is one of my favorite plants i am searching for the thyme name...anyway nice to meet you

    Have a great day


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