Monday, 18 April 2011

A Purrfect Evening

I was minding my own business quietly starting to sort some seeds out in readiness for planting up when Rat-a-tat, tat the front door went and there was Eve my friend asking for a helping hand or so I thought.  So I pottled over, as you do, and she handed me a small animal carrying case.  When I peered inside there looking up at me was the most delightful little bundle.   Eve has only just gone and acquired a kitten, a beautiful tabby kitten - she thought a little boy, but wasn't sure; handed him to me when we got into her home and said here you check, you are used to cats.  A quick peek quickly corroborated that he was indeed a little boy. That was it, he hid behind my long skirt, scaled my legs, bit my finger and then fell asleep on me.  He was gorgeous, and needless to say I have had a severe case of kitten envy.  Apparently he was one of 6 kittens, the last born of the litter, but so loving - well he fell asleep on my lap in the end.  But I seem to have a soporophic effect with cats and kittens.  When I got home, Squeak landed on my lap had a good sniff and hasn't moved far since.  She has been hogging my lap and imposing squatters rights I think.    No doubt I will see the kitten who I think is going to be called, well at the moment anyway, Pickles later on when I see Eve.  Kittens and Cats melt my heart at the best of things.  But its nice to have a cuddle and a little play; I settled him down, got him eating and drinking, all it will take now is a little time and patience and he will be more than okay.  I left Eve with instructions as to what to do, she has never had a kitten before.  But Pickles was absolutely gorgeous.  My heart melted.Needless to say the seeds will have to wait until another night for sorting.

Hope you have all had a lovely day and evening.

Catch you all soon



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  1. One of the best things in life; cats and kittens. I'm lucky to work out of my bosses home/office, where Zuzu makes her usual rounds while I'm there, typing away on the computer, she'll attack my leg or climb up the back of my chair and give me a wild-eyed look and be off again! Pure love...have a wonderful evening.


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