Sunday, 3 April 2011

Surprise for my Mum

Being a bit brassic at the moment and still wanting to give my mum something special for Mother's Day (today's the day) I decided I was going to have a go at a Decoupage Mother's Day Card for her.  Mum loves a good card and I have all sorts of images available to me through various programmes I have for the computer together with some craft discs as well.  Never really having done this before I have sort of been out of my depth with it.  Yes it has been time consuming but I have enjoyed doing it.  I thought also mum could turn this card into a frame for a photograph afterwards as well.

The original print before being cut

The First part of the paper cut away

The first layer completely cut

The first cut layer on the base card

The second cut layer 

The final full layer

 The final layer which is partially cut to give added three dimensional look

The cut images are securely held in place by little square adhesive pads that also raise the layers with a gap in them so you get depth.

 And of course I put some suitable verses inside too.

This is time consuming, but I thoroughly enjoyed doing this and am quite pleased with this first real attempt.  It has also given me some ideas for some other bits and bobs too, including updating some older furniture I have with paint and decoupage to personalise them.  

I do hope Mum likes this.  Have also bought her a box of her favourite choccies too.

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