Sunday, 19 June 2011

2011.06.19 My Day

A quiet day in preparation for returning to the hurly burley of work tomorrow.

First of all we popped over to see my mum; it was her birthday on Wednesday whilst we were away on holiday and although I had sent her a card which had arrived in time- it wasn't the same as seeing her on her special day, but from all accounts she had a lovely day with my uncle and aunt coming over and spending the day with her as well as my brother and his family popping in to see her after work.  I had a basket of flowers made up for her at our Veg shop and we spent a good hour or more with her before coming away and then taking Missy out for a long walk - well not exactly a walk she runs at full pelt when let off her lead leaving us dawdling behind.

I then pottered around on the computer for a little while made something to eat and then started getting tea ready. We had roast chicken stuffed with home made herb butter and garlic and then slipped between the skin and the breast.  Served with spring cabbage, new potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and peas,  home made yorkshire puddings with lashings of gravy and followed by fresh English strawberries and cream for pudding -I must say it was very tasty.

Since then have been over to see my friend who babysat Squeak for me whilst on holiday. She had asked me to pop over for half an hour and when I got there asked me if I would sort her hair out and re-colour it.  Whilst I had been away she had had her hair cut and the girl (not her normal hairdresser) had made a right mess of it and it is far shorter than she is used to having, but the colour has come out well although initially I thought they had put the wrong colour in the box as it looked as thought it was going to be bright red.  Heart attack and plenty of water later all is well and she is now a medium blonde and it looks lovely on her.  She was chuffed,  So good deed for the day over.

When I returned there was an anxious Jack Russell waiting for me on the windowsill in the front room.  Apparently she had come down as soon as I left the house and had waited patiently for me until I returned.  She hates any of us going out and got all excited when I returned.  Squeak is currently sitting by me on the settee - she hasn't let me out of her sight since I came back off holiday.

Now just have to sort the kitchen out and get my clothes ready in readiness for returning to work tomorrow.  Have a lot to do this week as I intend to attack the dining room and get that sorted out as much as I can as well as carry on with my crotchet blanket - I am determined this is going to be finished this year; I have so much to do and I want to get as much completed as I can.

I hope all of you have had a good day wherever you may be.

Catch up soon

Take care



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